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Still trick or treating at age 45.

2019.10.09 05:02 geniusiq Still trick or treating at age 45.

Halloween scares me.
But not in the way you’re thinking.
It’s just that, well, when Halloween rolls around, I begin acting like a child again.
In a way that society would consider disgraceful.
You see, I have a sweet tooth the size of Alaska.
That’s why on October 31st, with trembling hands, I unpack the shopping bags I’ve been using since childhood. And go begging door-to-door.
Some people might say I suffer from a case of arrested development, but nowhere on the law books is there a statute-of-limitations on trick-or-treating. I should know—I’m a lawyer.
At 45, it’s not easy to look like a kid. I’m 5’10” and 200+ pounds. In addition, I have the beginnings of a bald spot on the top of my head and a case of five o’clock shadow that’s impossible to disguise.
I twist and turn in bed all night worrying that I’ll be found out.
But I’m nothing if not ingenious.
Last year, I taped wrapping paper and ribbon around some packing boxes and went as a stack of Xmas presents. All you could see of me was my baby blues through the eye holes.
I netted 30 pounds of candy after throwing out the fruit and other junk like that.
One advantage of trick-or-treating at my age is that I have a longer stride and can cover more ground than the typical 5-year-old. Plus, I keep an up-to-date database of the best and worst neighborhoods for candy.
It really helps. For instance, there’s a rich guy a few blocks away who always has full-size Hershey’s bars. My data indicates that the maid and butler alternate at the door, so I’m sometimes able to hit the mansion twice with no one being the wiser.
As far as getting caught, the closest I ever came was 3 years ago at my parents’ house. My mother seemed to recognize my voice when I yelled “Trick or Treat!” But she’s elderly, so I just grabbed a handful of Kit-Kats and ran before she could put it all together.
I hid behind a rhododendron bush, watching as the cops rolled up. Boy, were my underarms wet!
The best part of Halloween for me, though, is the rest of the year. I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to offer a client candy from the Wedgwood jar on my desk, then pop some in my own mouth.
Now, I’d like to get up on my little soap box, if you don’t mind:
Ladies and gentlemen, for far too long, trick or treating has been the sole province of kids.
Children are handed millions of pounds of unearned candy every year.
Us grown ups? Not one.
The tables need to be turned.
On October 31st, please don a costume and join me in a door-to-door campaign to end discrimination against adult beggars.
Adult begging is better than sex.
Almost as good as candy.
And you’ll be scared the whole time.
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2019.08.30 09:10 surajpalange Drive high CAGR by Global Bone China Market Along with Top Key Players like Wedgwood, Steelite International, Dibbern, & more

Drive high CAGR by Global Bone China Market Along with Top Key Players like Wedgwood, Steelite International, Dibbern, & more
Bone China Market
A new report titled, “ Bone China Market” has been published by Acquire Market Research, which includes a detailed study of the market covering different aspects of the market with attributable growth scenario over the forecast period, 2019-2023. The report provides a 360-view of the market comprising each and every business-related information both at a global and regional level. The information has been gathered by means of various sources and afterward the information is arranged, processed, and represented through different methodological techniques as well as analytical tools like the SWOT analysis to generate an entirely new set of trade-based study regarding the Bone China Market.
Request a sample copy here: Click Here
Some of key competitors or manufacturers included in the study are: Wedgwood, Steelite International, Dibbern, Halcyon Days, Crate and Barrel, Villeroy & Boch, Churchill China, Hebei Tangshan Red Rose Bone Porcelain Company, Roy Kirkham Pottery
Global Bone China market analysis by Type: Basic Bone China Standard, High Grade Bone China Standard
Global Bone China market analysis by Applications: Commercial Use, Home Use
The report evaluates the growth rate as well as the market value based on the key market dynamics and growth inducing factors. This study is based on the latest industry news, growth potentials, and trends. It likewise contains a profound analysis of the market and the competitive scenario, along with the complete analysis of the leading pioneers.
The leading players are focusing mainly on technological advancements in order to improve efficiency and shelf life. The long-term development patterns for this market can be captured by continuing the ongoing process improvements and financial stability to invest in the best strategies.
In terms of geography, the Bone China market includes regions such as the Middle East and Africa, Latin America, North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. Europe will show high growth in the following couple of years. India and China will likewise show notable growth, thereby increasing the count of employments. North America, on the other hand, is expected to have a leading share in the Bone China Market over the coming years. Countries in Latin America will have a significant share in the overall market.
Request for a full report here: Click Here
The Global Bone China Market is well characterized in (15) chapters:
-Chapter 1 provides an overall market review, market share, growth prospects, product specialization related to global Bone China market; -Chapter 2 compares the cost structure of the key players, as well as the usage of raw materials with sales, financial status, and price analysis of the overall market; -Chapter 3 provides a brief about the sales structure as well as the profit earned by the leading market players in emerging regions over the forecast period; -Chapter 4 presents the regional analysis of Global Bone China market along with the income and sales structure in each region over the forecast period; -Chapter 5, 6, 7 provides an in-depth analysis of the key countries such as United States, China, Germany, Japan, and Korea, along with their sales and revenues share in the Bone China market; -Chapter 8 and 9 evaluates the overall market by product type and end-user applications such as market share, sales structure and growth rate; -Chapter 10 and 11 provides market forecast by region, type and application with revenue and sales from 2019 to 2023; -Chapter 13, 14 and 15 unveils the different methodologies used to gather information, approaches used in the research findings, Appendix, Conclusion, sales channels, and various data sources.
*If you have any special requirements, please let us know and we will offer you the report as you want.
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2019.07.04 09:14 mayurgokhale Latest Research Report to uncover key Factors of Global Kitchen Tableware Market -2025

Latest Research Report to uncover key Factors of Global Kitchen Tableware Market -2025
Kitchen Tableware Market to 2025: Deep Analysis
The report offers a complete research study of the global Kitchen Tableware Market that includes accurate forecasts and analysis at global, regional, and country levels. It provides a comprehensive view of the global Kitchen Tableware market and detailed value chain analysis to help players to closely understand important changes in business activities observed across the industry. It also offers a deep segmental analysis of the global Kitchen Tableware market where key product and application segments are shed light upon. Readers are provided with actual market figures related to the size of the global Kitchen Tableware market in terms of value and volume for the forecast period 2019-2025.
The following Companies as the Key players in the Global Kitchen Tableware Market Research Report are: Noritake, Villeroy and Boch, Corelle, Wedgwood, Mikasa, Lenox, Royal Doulton, Royal Albert, Pfaltzgraff, Spode, Oneida, Denby Pottery Company.
Free Sample Report + All Related Graphs & Charts @
Kitchen Tableware Market
Market Overview of Global Kitchen Tableware
On the basis of product, this report displays the production, revenue, price, market share and growth rate of each type, primarily split into: Cups, Chopsticks, Plates, Bowls, Forks, Knifes, Spoons, Otherss.
On the basis of the end users/applications, this report focuses on the status and outlook for major applications/end users, consumption (sales), market share and growth rate for each application, including: Household, Commercial, Otherss.
Geographically, Kitchen Tableware market report studies the top producers and consumers, focuses on product capacity, production, value, consumption, market share and growth opportunity in these key regions, covering: North America, Europe, China, Japan and others.
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Furthermore, Global Kitchen Tableware Market following points are involved along with a detailed study of each point: –
Major Players: The report provides company profiling for a decent number of leading players of the global Kitchen Tableware market. It brings to light their current and future market growth taking into consideration their price, gross margin, revenue, production, areas served, production sites, and other factors.
Kitchen Tableware Market Dynamics: The report shares important information on influence factors, market drivers, challenges, opportunities, and market trends as part of market dynamics.
Global Kitchen Tableware Market Forecast: Readers are provided with production and revenue forecasts for the global Kitchen Tableware market, production and consumption forecasts for regional markets, production, revenue, and price forecasts for the global Kitchen Tableware market by type, and consumption forecast for the global Kitchen Tableware market by application.
Regional Market Analysis: It could be divided into two different sections: one for regional production analysis and the other for regional consumption analysis. Here, the analysts share gross margin, price, revenue, production, CAGR, and other factors that indicate the growth of all regional markets studied in the report.
Kitchen Tableware Market Competition: In this section, the report provides information on competitive situation and trends including merger and acquisition and expansion, market shares of the top three or five players, and market concentration rate. Readers could also be provided with production, revenue, and average price shares by manufacturers.
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Significant Facts around Kitchen Tableware Market Report:
- This study uncovers Kitchen Tableware business summary, items impression, market analysis, distribution networks breakdown, demand, and supply proportion and import/export subtleties. - The Industry report highlights distinctive methodologies and methodology supported by the Kitchen Tableware market key players to settle on imperative business choices. - Kitchen Tableware market describes few parameters, for example, production assessment, Kitchen Tableware marketing strategies, Distributors/Traders and impact factors are additionally referenced in this Kitchen Tableware research report.
Browse the full report Description, TOC and Table of Figure @
Customization Available
With the given market data, Researchers offers customization's according to the company’s specific needs. The following customization options are available for the report:
Regional and country-level analysis of the Kitchen Tableware market, by end-use.
Detailed analysis and profiles of additional market players.
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2019.07.03 08:10 2_steamed_buns Translation of "Introduction of Kanami’s DTM gear" interview from the January 2019 mook, ‘The Day before World Domination.’

This is my attempted translation of Kanami's interview on her song composition methods and gear, from the January 2019 mook, ‘The Day before World Domination.’

Look at the pretty photos and follow along! You can buy the mook from the official Band-Maid online shop here.

This section will appeal to gearheads and musicians. However, being neither of those things, translating the more specialized terms was difficult. So, on top of the regular advisory on the accuracy of the translations, please forgive me for mistakes on the technical and musical terms. And, of course, let me know how to correct them!

You can find the links to translations for the sections already done listed below:
Miku here by KotomiPapa
Akane here by KotomiPapa
Kanami here by me.
Introduction of Kanami’s DTM gear
Witness the space where the spark of music is born!

After each member’s solo interviews and gear introduction, we will introduce Kanami’s work space, where the spark of Band-Maid’s music is born. In the prior solo interview and in past features in GIGS Magazine, I’ve often been asked to talk to her about her composition process and ideas of songwriting, and what type of gear and items are actually used to realize such methods and ideas.

"I thought it would be nice to have a simple work space that is portable."

I have been taking photographs of artists’ work spaces, but I was surprised, as I did not think that I would have been able to take such fashionable photos (laughs).

It’s not at all (laughs). But, just now, I looked at the photo you had taken again, and realized that I had forgotten to peel off my stickers on the Mac. How embarrassing (laughs)!

Ah, you’re right (laughs)! Anyways, I will ask you about your home studio workplace. First of all, do you use the DAW (digital audio workstation) software on the computer in the center of the desk? Is it Cubase?

Yes, that’s right. I learned DTM (digital music composition) on it. I’ve used Cubase ever since.

I’d imagine that the band members exchange demos between each other a lot, so does everyone use Cubase?

Well, only I use Cubase. A-chan uses Studio One, and Misa uses GarageBand.

So, when it comes to exchanging demo session data, do you use a sound generator instead?

Yes. I get the raw files from them, MIDI for drums and WAV for the bass. I know that it would be much faster if we could just exchange our session data, but I would feel bad asking them to change their software. It’s fine now, as we have already established this system of doing things.

I see. What was your reason for choosing a Universal Audio Apollo Twin as audio interface?

The guitar teacher I was learning from used this (laughs). Originally, I had heard that Universal Audio interfaces had a reputation for being easy to use and good sound, but there were many models so I didn’t know which one suited me. I chose this one because my teacher and many people around me used it .

Next, please tell me about your plug-in software. The photo of your screen has EZdrummer 2 opened. Is the basic drum pattern inputted using a MIDI keyboard?

No, the drums are inputted by mouse. I use the MIDI keyboard to write the melody lines. I also have a keyboard with more keys, but I don’t often input melodies with two hands, so the 37 key iRig Keys is enough. At first, I also did the bass but it takes longer than the guitar, so I started to do it on the MIDI keyboard. As I mentioned earlier, I often ask Misa to make only bass tracks.

Another photo of your screen shows a plug-in software for guitar opened. It’s for the Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier, which you are currently using on stage.

The software is called AmpliTube Max. Until recently, I had an Orange cabinet that I used on stage. Generally, I use a lot of simulations for various amps and cabinets. However, the deciding factor was that this rectifier came with a simulator. It’s a triple that starts up on two screens (NOTE: I don’t know what this means, so this is a literal translation). However, there are a lot of types with rectifiers, but this one sounds really good. My feeling was, “Yes, yes! This sound!” It is easy to use and listen to because it runs simulations well.

Since that tone is also used during the live shows by your PRS Custom 24, it seems that it’s easy going from the demo to the live version. What about the workplace around the computer?

Basically, when I am making the demo, I listen using Sony headphones. When I want to change it up a little, I place the speaker next to the Mac and listen that way too. Also, since this speaker is connected to my phone with Bluetooth, I can use it for other audio too.

Do you like using trackball mice in particular?

Yes, I do. At first, I used an ordinary mouse, but with demos, I have tons of tracks. So, this type of mouse is more comfortable when scrolling.

And that item indispensable to your work, which you had mentioned, tea and a Wedgwood cup.

Yes, I really like tea and coffee. The Wedgwood cup is cute and I have a few other cups too. When working on demos, I always prepare some tea or coffee.

Are demos made in fine detail?

It depends. I used to be quite precise, but A-chan knows her drums well, and recently her level has increased so that I just tell her something like “the hook has a beat like this.” When I have a clear idea myself, I will do the guitar riffs and solos, of course, but I will also play the drum fills and ask the others to listen.

Still, I feel that your home studio work space is very simple.

I thought it would be nice to have a simple work space that is portable. It would be nice to have a monitor and desktop, and to have a home studio system built. However, thinking about working while on tour, this portable work space is more suitable for me.

A list of Kanami’s digital music composition gear and software:
Steinberg Cubase 7.5 [DAW Software]

UNIVERSAL AUDIO Apollo Twin Mk Il [Audio Interface]

PRS Guitars Custom 24 [Recording Guitar]

IK Multimedia iRig KEYS [MIDI Controller Keyboard]

SONY MDR-CD900ST [Headphones]

IK Multimedia AmpliTube MAX [Plug-in Software]

TOONTRACK EZdrummer 2 [Plug-in Software]

Wedgwood Alexandra tea cup
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2019.06.25 15:14 pam_genis Barware Industry: Future Demand, Market Analysis & Outlook to 2024Noritake, Corelle, Wedgwood, etc

Latest Survey On Barware Market
The global Barware market report provides an in-depth analysis of the Barware Market analyzing the potential of the market and also provides data and forecasts on the market structure, dynamics, and trends.
The report proves as a valuable source of repository for the intending clients with up-to-date market intelligence and assists them in making strategic investment decisions. Additionally, the report distinguishes and studies emerging trends along with crucial drivers and major challenges faced by the industry.
The market report is defined by the presence of a large number of leading players and new entrants, including but not limited to platform providers, service providers, device manufacturers, developers, and content providers.
Get a Sample PDF Report:
Based on products type, the report describes major products type share of regional market. Products mentioned as follows: Wine Glasses, Casual Glasses, Wine Tools, Others
Leading vendors in the market are included based on profile, business performance etc. Vendors mentioned as follows: Noritake, Corelle, Wedgwood, Corelle, Ikea, Rachael Ray, Williams Sonoma, Cocktail Kingdom, Schott Zwiesel
Based on Application, the report describes major application share of regional market. Application mentioned as follows: B2B (Bar, Restaurant, etc), B2C (Retailer), Others
The objective of the study is to define market sizes of different segments & countries in previous years and to forecast the values to the next eight years. The Barware market report is designed to incorporate both qualitative and quantitative aspects of the industry with respect to each of the regions and countries involved in the study.
Furthermore, the report also caters the detailed information about the crucial aspects such as drivers & restraining factors which will define the future growth of the market. Additionally, it will also incorporate the opportunities available in micro markets for stakeholders to invest, detailed analysis of competitive landscape and product offerings of key players. The segments and sub-segment of the market are explained in details.
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The scope of the report: This research report presents an extensive study of the market and comprises significant insights, facts, previous data, and statistically-supported and industry-validated market facts and projections with an appropriate set of methodologies and assumptions. It provides analysis and data on the basis of market segments and sub-segments, regions, product type, and distribution channels.
What the report offers:
In the end, This report is an assimilation of trustworthy and updated information, quantitative and qualitative evaluation by industry analysts, inputs from industry professionals and leading competitors across the industrial value chain.
Read Complete Report With TOC:
If you have any special requirements, please let us know and we will offer you the report as you want.
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2013.08.28 19:22 topoi Epistemic Akrasia

Those of you who keep up with your contemporary epistemology should recall the recent disagreement craze that swept the nation. This evolved into a more general interest in the relationship between higher- and first-order evidence. (The charge was led, I think, by Christensen (2010)).
Here is a case, adapted from one of the Christensen papers.
You sit down in a room, and I hand you a simple logic puzzle. There's no trick to it: You can see that it's a fairly obvious application of disjunctive syllogism. You circle an answer and return it to me. With a smirk, I tell you "Are you sure that's right? I slipped the logic pill into your coffee this morning. 99% of people who take the pill become terrible at logic. They are very highly confident of answers which are totally incorrect. The remaining 1% are unaffected." As it happens, you were unaffected by the pill, though neither of us has any antecedent reason to think so.
Is it rational to retain your high confidence in your original answer?
There are three lines of thought here. Roughly the reasoning goes:
Conciliationist Level-Connecters (Christensen, Elga, Feldman, Horowitz)
You've received great evidence that you've evaluated the evidence incorrectly. Evidence of evidence is evidence, so you've got pretty good evidence that your original answer is incorrect. It is rational to become much less confident in that answer and suspend judgment. It is irrational to maintain your high confidence.
Steadfast Level-Connecters (Titelbaum)
It is irrational to (believe that p while believing it is irrational to believe that p). That is epistemic akrasia, and it is just as irrational as practical akrasia. Still, your evidence provides the highest possible support for the original answer. The set up of the problem deductively entails the correct answer. We can figure out that akrasia is irrational a priori, so the rational agent will believe that it is. This, combined with a proper evaluation of the original evidence, entails that you are in the lucky 1%. It is rational for you to be highly confident both in your original answer and the fact that you were unaffected by the pill.
Steadfast Level-Splitters/Akratics (Weatherson, Williamson, Lasonen-Aarnio, Wedgwood, me)
Rationality is a matter of apportioning confidence in accord with one's evidence, regardless of your beliefs about how you performed. Since the evidence entails your original answer, it is rational to be highly confident in it. However, you've also got great evidence that you fucked up. It is rational to be highly confident that you are one of the unlucky 99%. In these cases, it is rational to become akratic. You should be confident that "The original answer is correct, but I didn't evaluate the evidence correctly"
So, /philosophy , what do you think?
Christensen (2007), Epistemology of Disagreement: The Good News
Christensen (2009), Disagreement as Evidence: The Epistemology of Controversy
Christensen (2010), Higher-Order Evidence
Christensen (2010), Rational Reflection
Christensen (forthcoming), Epistemic Modesty Defended (you're on your own for this one)
Egan and Elga (2005), I Can't Believe I'm Stupid
Elga (2007), Reflection and Disagreement
Elga (2010), How to Disagree about How to Disagree
Elga (2013), The Puzzle of the Unmarked Clock and the New Rational Reflection Principle
Frances (2010), The Reflective Epistemic Renegade
Horowtiz (2013), Epistemic Akrasia
Lasonen-Aarnio (2010), Unreasonable Knowing
Lasonen-Aarnio (forthcoming), Higher-Order Evidence and the Limits of Defeat (not available online)
Titelbaum (ms), In Defense of Right Reason
Weatherson (ms), Do Judgments Screen Evidence?
Wedgwood (2011), Justified Inference
Williamson (2000), Knowledge and Its Limits
Williamson (2011), Improbable Knowing (appeared in Evidentialism and Its Discontents)
Williamson (ms), Very Improbable Knowing
If you don't have institutional access, a lot of these papers can be found on the author's websites. Books can be found in various places on the internet.
e: Rephrased a sentence.
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China's Censorship Helped Start a Pandemic. Can Free Speech End It? Anti Illicit Trade Conference  Abu Dhabi Nov 2018 Sissi Wedgwood - YouTube Reality CaptureGuy - YouTube Chinapalaceuk - STUNNING WEDGWOOD CHINA ULANDER POWDER RUBY W1813 COFFEE CUPS & SAUCERS X 6 Joseph Priestley

  1. China's Censorship Helped Start a Pandemic. Can Free Speech End It?
  2. Anti Illicit Trade Conference Abu Dhabi Nov 2018
  3. Sissi Wedgwood - YouTube
  4. Reality CaptureGuy - YouTube
  6. Joseph Priestley
  7. YouTube
  8. Overhead line extraction using mobile mapping data within Leica Cyclone 3DR
  9. O Grupo Gospel que Causou nos anos 60

The 2018 Anti-Illicit Trade and Brand Protection Summit & Exhibition in Abu Dhabi brought together stakeholders from across the worlds of business, law enforcement, government and media. Video ... Photo Credits: Li/Ropi/ZUMA Press/Newscom, EPN Newscom, SHI ZHI FEATURE CHINA Newscom, YUAN ZHENG/FEATURECHINA/Newscom, YUAN ZHENG/FEATURECHINA/Newscom, Ling/Ropi/ZUMA Press/Newscom, Phoenix7777 ... STUNNING WEDGWOOD CHINA ULANDER POWDER RUBY W1813 COFFEE CUPS & SAUCERS X 6 ... Dexamethasone History & Mortality Benefit Data Released From UK - Duration: 21:52. MedCram ... Among many chemists and historians of science Joseph Priestley (1733-1804) is only known as Lavoisier's nemesis, an obstinate defender of the outmoded phlogiston theory. Contrary to this popular ... Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. Sign in. Watch Queue Queue Leica Geosystems RTC360 Data in Cyclone REGISTER 360 - Duration: 4:36. Reality CaptureGuy Recommended for ... Josiah Wedgwood Statue in Augmented Reality from RTC360 meshed data - Duration: ... Josiah Wedgwood Statue in Augmented Reality from RTC360 meshed data - Duration: 12 seconds. 72 views; ... Leica Geosystems RTC360 Data in Cyclone REGISTER 360 - Duration: 4 minutes, 36 seconds. Em 1964, o Wedgwood Trio foi formado por 3 amigos americanos que estudavam no Newbold College, Inglaterra. Depois de muito sucesso nos Estados Unidos e nove álbuns, suas apresentações foram ... [[menuStrings_.RESTRICTED_MODE_TEXT_LINE_1]] [[menuStrings_.RESTRICTED_MODE_TEXT_LINE_2]] [[computeRestrictedModeText_(clientSettings_.restrictedMode ...