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2020.09.19 18:12 wannabepunking August 2020 (7/29/2020) Batch Post! Keeping ourselves informed!

Hello all!
I ordered a Brompton swytch pro kit on July 29th, 2020.
I know this waiting game is going to play with our patience and that may or may not be our strongest suit.
Regardless, I thought I'd create a post so everyone is informed and we can update each other.
Here's what I know:
- Ordered Brompton (Pro, black edition, with the throttle) kit as soon as pre-order hit on July 29th
- Production start date is said to have begun on 8/15/2020. With the official 10-12 weeks manufacturing time + 1-2 weeks for US or Canada / +4 weeks for UK or EU, THEN actually delivery takes 2-10 days for USA or Canada, 1 day for UK, 3 days to EU (website information) added to this. I'm in the West Coast (California) in U.S. so I'd expect mine to be made around 10/26/2020 then shipped via freight and get through customs around 11/16, then delivery around 11/30/2020. So December it is.
- I had to make minimal changes via support (bought an older Brompton and requires different cadence sensor than I had ordered) and the Support team was happy to include both parts into my order without charge.
Hopefully, there's no delay. Any updates from the support would be a great addition to this thread!
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2020.09.19 14:20 IIWIIM8 Global COVID Cases For 19SEP20

Summary As Of: 19SEP20 @ 11:57 GMT
Countries 213 + 2
Cases 30,734,956
Deaths 957,189
Recovered 22,362,347
Active Cases 7,415,420
Cntry's w/Active cases w/No Active cases w/All cases rcvrd
Cntry's 202 2 9
Cases 30,652,203 108 219
Deaths 955,187 4 0
Rcvrd 22,309,152 104 219

Daily totals of new: cases, deaths & recoveries

Date Cases Deaths Recoveries
17SEP 308,206 5,568 237,925
18SEP 315,102 5,465 298,473
Current 48,485 1,454 31,652

Cases, Deaths, Active by continent

Continent Cases Deaths Active
Africa 1,398,007 33,685 1,145,528
Asia 9,248,069 174,023 7,524,678
Europe 4,369,769 215,761 2,365,382
N America 8,257,371 296,977 5,131,381
Oceania 30,381 879 26,838
S America 7,430,638 235,849 6,167,889
Complete chart in Full Version

Countries with Active Cases

Country Cases Deaths Recoveries
USA 6,927,786+ 203,185+ 4,192,774+
India 5,312,537+ 85,650+ 4,208,431+
Brazil 4,497,434+ 135,857+ 3,789,139
Russia 1,097,251+ 19,339+ 906,462+
Peru 756,412+ 31,283+ 600,795+
Colombia 750,471 23,850 621,521
Mexico 688,954+ 72,803+ 492,192+
Spain 659,334 30,495 N/A
South Africa 657,627 15,857 586,844
Argentina 613,658+ 12,656+ 467,286
Chile 442,827 12,199 415,981
France 428,696 31,249 91,574
Iran 419,043+ 24,118+ 357,632+
UK 385,936 41,732 N/A
Bangladesh 347,372+ 4,913+ 254,386+
Saudi Arabia 328,720 4,430 308,352
Iraq 311,690 8,408 245,305
Pakistan 305,031+ 6,415+ 292,044+
Turkey 299,810 7,377 264,805
Italy 294,932 35,668 216,807
Philippines 283,460+ 4,930+ 209,885+
Germany 271,244 9,464 243,000+
Indonesia 240,687+ 9,448+ 174,350+
Israel 179,071 1,196 130,024
Ukraine 172,712+ 3,516+ 76,754+
Canada 141,911+ 9,205+ 123,723+
Bolivia 130,051+ 7,550+ 88,457+
Ecuador 124,129+ 11,044+ 97,063
Qatar 123,146+ 209 120,089+
Romania 111,550+ 4,402+ 89,119+
Kazakhstan 107,199+ 1,671 101,822+
Dominican Republic 106,732 2,034 80,179
Panama 104,879+ 2,229+ 79,093+
Egypt 101,772 5,733 87,958
Belgium 99,649+ 9,937+ 18,908+
Kuwait 98,528 580 88,776
Morocco 97,264 1,755 76,690
Oman 91,753 818 84,648
Netherlands 90,047 6,273 N/A
Sweden 88,237 5,865 N/A
China 85,269+ 4,634 80,464+
Guatemala 84,344 3,076 73,748
UAE 84,242+ 404+ 73,512+
Poland 78,330+ 2,282+ 63,861+
Japan 77,494 1,482 69,899
Belarus 75,230 773 73,098
Honduras 70,611+ 2,146+ 21,149+
Ethiopia 67,515 1,072 27,638
Portugal 67,176 1,894 45,053
Venezuela 65,174+ 530+ 54,218+
Bahrain 63,879 220 56,700
Nepal 62,797+ 401+ 45,267+
Costa Rica 62,374 686 23,160
Singapore 57,558+ 27 57,071
Nigeria 56,956 1,094 48,305
Uzbekistan 50,634+ 423+ 46,645+
Algeria 49,413 1,659 34,818
Switzerland 49,283 2,045 40,500
Armenia 47,154+ 928+ 42,551+
Czechia 46,262+ 495+ 23,858+
Ghana 45,857+ 295 45,029+
Moldova 45,648 1,186 33,734
Kyrgyzstan 45,335+ 1,063 41,484+
Afghanistan 38,919+ 1,437 32,576
Azerbaijan 38,894 572 36,424
Austria 37,474+ 765+ 28,961+
Kenya 36,724 646 23,709
Palestine 34,401 250 23,333
Serbia 32,757 739 31,411
Ireland 32,271 1,792 23,364
Paraguay 32,127+ 611+ 16,921+
Lebanon 27,518 281 10,739
El Salvador 27,428+ 808+ 21,247+
Australia 26,885+ 844+ 23,962+
Libya 26,438 418 14,207
Bosnia and Herzegovina 24,897 752 17,365
S. Korea 22,893+ 378+ 19,970+
Denmark 21,847 635 17,110
Cameroon 20,371 416 19,124
Ivory Coast 19,200 120 18,392
Bulgaria 18,733 753 13,510
Hungary 16,920+ 675+ 4,382+
North Macedonia 16,417 683 13,732
Madagascar 16,020+ 219+ 14,630+
Greece 14,738 327 3,804
Croatia 14,725+ 244 12,353+
Senegal 14,688+ 302+ 11,153+
Zambia 14,022 329 13,207
Sudan 13,535 836 6,759
Norway 12,769+ 267 10,371
Albania 12,073 353 6,831
DRC 10,488+ 268 9,891+
Guinea 10,231 63 9,660
Namibia 10,207 108 7,947
Malaysia 10,167+ 130+ 9,315+
French Guiana 9,659 65 9,298
Maldives 9,568 33 8,077
Tajikistan 9,259 73 8,026
Tunisia 9,110+ 138+ 2,366+
Finland 8,922+ 339 7,700
Gabon 8,696 53 7,848
Haiti 8,600 221 6,363
Luxembourg 7,718 124 6,703
Montenegro 7,711+ 133+ 4,997+
Zimbabwe 7,647 224 5,883
Mauritania 7,361 161 6,882
Slovakia 6,546+ 39 3,519+
Mozambique 6,264 40 3,502
Malawi 5,716 179 4,026
Uganda 5,594 61 2,544
Djibouti 5,403 61 5,333
Eswatini 5,215 103 4,478
Cabo Verde 5,141 50 4,548
Hong Kong 5,010+ 103 4,707+
Cuba 5,004 111 4,249
Equatorial Guinea 5,002 83 4,509
Congo 4,980+ 89+ 3,887
Nicaragua 4,961 147 2,913
CAR 4,786 62 1,830
Suriname 4,691+ 96+ 4,280+
Rwanda 4,671 25 2,845
Myanmar 4,621+ 81+ 1,130
Jamaica 4,571+ 55+ 1,264+
Jordan 4,344 29 2,511
Slovenia 4,309+ 141+ 2,981+
Angola 3,848 147 1,443
Syria 3,731 168 918
Lithuania 3,664+ 87 2,197+
Trinidad and Tobago 3,651 60 1,586
Mayotte 3,541 40 2,964
Thailand 3,500+ 59+ 3,338+
Gambia 3,485+ 108+ 1,973+
Aruba 3,460 23 2,128
Guadeloupe 3,426 26 837
Somalia 3,390 98 2,812
Georgia 3,306+ 19 1,481+
Sri Lanka 3,281 13 3,070+
Réunion 3,194 15 1,794
Bahamas 3,177 69 1,626
Mali 2,991 128 2,332
Estonia 2,875+ 64 2,374+
Malta 2,699+ 19+ 2,017+
South Sudan 2,609 49 1,290
Botswana 2,567 13 624
Iceland 2,307+ 10 2,116+
Guinea-Bissau 2,303+ 39 1,127
Benin 2,280 40 1,950
Sierra Leone 2,153 72 1,649
Guyana 2,102 62 1,314
Yemen 2,024 585 1,221
Uruguay 1,890+ 46 1,603+
New Zealand 1,811+ 25 1,719+
Burkina Faso 1,797 56 1,173
Togo 1,640 41 1,251
Belize 1,590+ 20+ 812+
Cyprus 1,565 22 1,282
Andorra 1,564 53 1,164
Latvia 1,515+ 36 1,248
Lesotho 1,390+ 33 754+
Liberia 1,334 82 1,214
Niger 1,183 69 1,104
Chad 1,147 81 966
Martinique 1,122 18 98
French Polynesia 1,111+ 2 873+
Vietnam 1,068 35 942+
Sao Tome and Principe 908 15 873
San Marino 723 42 669+
Turks and Caicos 667+ 5 567+
Channel Islands 644 48 575
Sint Maarten 574+ 20+ 488+
Papua New Guinea 516 6 232
Tanzania 509 21 183
Taiwan 506+ 7 479+
Burundi 473 1 374
Comoros 470 7 449
Faeroe Islands 430 0 412
Mauritius 366 10 338
Eritrea 364 0 305
Gibraltar 350+ 0 322+
Isle of Man 339 24 312
Saint Martin 330 6 206
Mongolia 311 0 302
Cambodia 275 0 274
Bhutan 258+ 0 186+
Curaçao 228 1 83
Cayman Islands 208 1 204
Monaco 191 1 152
Barbados 185 7 172
Bermuda 178 9 164
Brunei 145 3 141
Seychelles 141 0 136
Liechtenstein 112 1 108
British Virgin Islands 69 1 48
Caribbean Netherlands 36 1 17
Fiji 32 2 26
Saint Lucia 27 0 26
Timor-Leste 27 0 26
Dominica 24 0 18
Laos 23 0 22
St. Barth 23 0 16
Saint Pierre Miquelon 11 0 5
Western Sahara 10 1 8
Total: 30,734,956 957,189 22,362,347

Countries with No Active Cases

Country Cases Deaths Rcvrd
Anguilla 3 0 3
Falkland Islands 13 0 13
Greenland 14 0 14
Grenada 24 0 24
Macao 46 0 46
New Caledonia 26 0 26
Saint Kitts and Nevis 17 0 17
Total: 219 0 219

Countries with All Cases Resolved

Country Cases Deaths Rcvrd
Antigua and Barbuda 95 3 92
Montserrat 13 1 12
Total: 108 4 104

International Conveyances

Intl Cnvy Cases Deaths Rcvrd
Montserrat 13 1 12
Diamond Princess 712 13 651
Total: 725 14 663
Source Notations Full Version
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2020.09.19 13:15 jeremy1338 Match Thread: Everton v West Brom

Everton v West Brom

Premier League Matchday 2
Date: Saturday 19 September 2020
Kick Off: 12:30 BST
Venue: Goodison Park
Referee: Mike Dean

How to watch:

UK: BT Sport
USA: Peacock
View all regions
Listen Live
Live text updates via BBC Sport


Everton: Pickford, Coleman, Keane, Mina, Digne, Allan, Gomes, Doucoure (Sigurdsson), James (Kean), Richarlison, Calvert-Lewin (Iwobi)
Subs: Virginia, Kenny, Sigurdsson, Iwobi, Bernard, Davies, Kean
West Brom: Johnstone, Furlong, (Gibbs), Bartley, Ajayi, O'Shea, Livermore, Diangana (Phillips), Pereira (Edwards), Sawyers (Field), Robinson
Subs: Button, Kipre, Phillips, Harper, Field, Robson-Kanu, Edwards
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2020.09.18 23:46 rGamesMods Xbox Series X/S Playstation 5 Pre-Launch Mega Impression Thread

Welcome to the /Games Pre-launch Impression Thread for the Xbox Series X/S and Playstation 5. We have had a massive amount of information become available over the past several weeks - this thread will serve as a discussion hub for some of the recent topics that aren't normally permitted as their own threads, or for topics you may have missed initial discussions over.

Xbox Series X/S

Release Date: November 10
Region Series X Series S
USA $499 $299
UK £449 £249
Australia $749AU $499AU
Canada $599.99 $379.99
Additional Regional prices can be found in this thread. Credit to Be1con
Subreddits: /Xbox /XboxSeriesX /XboxSeriesS

Playstation 5

Release Date: November 12
Region Physical Digital
USA $499 $399
UK £449 £359
EU €499.99 €399.99
JP ¥49,980 ¥49,980
(If anyone has more regional prices let us know and we can add them, thanks!)
Subreddits: /PS5

Discussion Topics

(Please feel free to contribute your own top-level topics/discussions, these are just to jump-start the conversation)
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2020.09.18 23:23 Vivport Understanding Google Search Console - Is Position Metric Only for Server Country?

Hi All,
I have a little pomodoro timer site and I'm trying to understand the metrics from Google Analytics.
So for the key words Pomodoro Timer I have a Position score of 84.1.
I am located in Australia, so is the server (well they say it is) and indeed when I search from any friends device for Pomodoro Timer my site does display in and around Page 8 (10 per Page) on Google Search; however, when I ask a friend from another country to search they don't see it anywhere in the first twenty pages.
I would understand this if all the SEO work I have done to date was purely to Australian audiences but it's actually been to an international audience which is also reflected in Google Analytics Sessions by Country for the last year:
  1. Australia: 33.8%
  2. USA: 21.0%
  3. China: 6.8%
  4. Brazil: 4.8%
  5. UK: 4.8%
If anyone could explain or point me to a resource (I've looked around quite a bit and can't find anything to explain this circumstance) to understand what the Position score relates to, it would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
I'm interested in understanding what my rank position is for the whole world and if you can find it out for any individual country. I'm using both Google Analytics and Google Search Console but happy to add other tools if they're free :).
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2020.09.18 21:42 JavaKrypt Has Alexis Stone collaborated with Jimbo the Drag Clown during his Coronavirus self-isolation?

I normally just lurk here, but I would like clarification on this because I'm seeing a lot of Beauty Guru's on YouTube getting away with collaborating during Covid restrictions and not taking many precautions. I'd also like to see Klub Kids UK give some insight on this too, if they knew it was happening, also Jimbo himself.
While on YouTube within the last 30 minutes, I just noticed Alexis Stone posted a video titled something along the lines of "Doing Jimbo's Makeup Transformation". I didn't take a screen grab because I clicked on the video to watch it - but I got a playback error (due to AdBlock). Refreshed and it was now set to private. See: (This link is also live in her Instagram bio right now.)
Now under current UK rules for Coronavirus, anyone travelling from a country not on the "travel corridor" list ( ) has to self-isolate for 14 days from the day of their arrival. USA is not on that list. Jimbo has been self-isolating with Erika Klash and Rock M Sakura (see:
Rock arrived in the UK on the 5th September. - Not sure when Erika arrived. - Jimbo arrived on the 6th September: according to Klub Kids posts.
With these arrival dates in mind, they would have to self isolate from at least the 5th September up to 20th September (to cover Jimbo's arrival date 1 day after Rock.) The first date of their UK tour is 21st September in Liverpool (, where I live, which as of Tuesday is going back into a local lockdown from the government announcement made today (18th Sept.)
My point from this is Jimbo shouldn't have collaborated with anyone if he is self-isolating, and Alexis' shouldn't have either. Klub Kids should have also stopped this - as they are the reason they are touring our country. This behaviour is just putting people at risk and I'm sick of seeing it. I like Alexis and Jimbo but this is disappointing, can anyone respond to this?
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2020.09.18 21:06 steelewebb09 If you bought zotac 3080 from

I talked to customer support multiple times I even attempted to post a screen shot of emails but had them taken down.
If your order hasnt been canceled yet there is a good chance you will receive a card. The way they talked to me was that so many orders came in that they are having to pull in stock from other EU fulfillment centers to cover the germany sales.
Because of this they are sending all the ones they have in their system as in stock and are gonna make sure they have them in hand before they start charging and shipping. This could take 48-72 hours, if you havent been canceled there is a good chance you will get it as long as what their digital inventory matches with the physical once they arrive from the other fulfillment centers.
If your order says it will arrive the 19th that wont happen they have messages posted above your order when you check details explaining this. Some say they dont see it but I can confirm it was above mine, even though my delivery date shows 28th- Oct 1.
This is purely speculation but it is my guess that they are bringing in the inventory from the india, uk, and EU amazon fulfillment center. I say this because I never saw the chance to preorder on those version of the site it stayed unavailable. One thing that brings me hope is the customer support rep also said you ordered from a fulfillment center far from your zipcode and we also are looking into possible stock of the item closer to you. So I wonder if they also are splitting up the USA amazon stock from the germany orders because the zotac cards are the only ones that come up when you actually search the amazon US store, but this is pure speculation.
Hope this helps calm some nerves I spoke with a total of 4 different reps. All reassured me that since mine wasnt canceled yet they should have enough stock but who knows how much info they really know.
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2020.09.18 20:40 Pen_Nice1 [Official//LIVESTREAM] "us open golf 2020" liVe [email protected]

[Official//LIVESTREAM] "us open golf 2020" liVe [email protected]

🔵🔴📱➤➤us open golf 2020 Live Stream Reddit

🔵🔴📱➤➤us open golf 2020 Live Stream Reddit

US Open 2020 Live Stream Official Options. This year you can watch U.S. Open Golf live online from Golf Channel.How to watch 2020 US Open golf tournament FREE live streams, dates, times, USA TV, channels. Updated Sep 17, 2020; Posted Sep 17, 2020.US Open 2020 - how to watch. Sky Sports Golf will be showing live coverage of the event in the UK. LATEST LIVE SPORT TV DEALS. Get NOW ...
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2020.09.18 19:28 Numis-Matico [WTS] Lots of new US Type 🔴Priced to Move🔴 Cheap world silver from almost every country in Africa and Middle East, and a large junk silver coin lot 7% below melt

What if Trader Joe's...but for coins?
In the US, any quantity of coins ship for only $3 TRACKED AND INSURED but can be as low as $1 without tracking.
US Type:
World Silver:
World Copper:
Big Silver lot for 7% below spot:
Goooooooooooooood luck!
Numis-matico's Magic Shipping (US Only)✨: Buy any quantity of coins from me, and it'll all magically ship for only $3 regardless of how big or heavy the package actually is, or where you're located within the USA. Everything is tracked by the USPS and Insured by me for the full amount of your purchase(see below).
Risky Untracked Shipping: $1 in the USA. Coins come in a sturdy envelope without tracking. There is a limit to size; only orders thinner than 0.25 inches and weighing under 3.5oz can be shipped in this method. Should you choose this method, you agree to disclaim my liability if the package is lost or stolen since there is no way to prove whether it was delivered. You may not pay with PP G/S if you choose this option. There's no maximum value for this method per se., but shipping anything valued over $35 is not recommended, and requires your written acknowledgement that I am not responsible if lost or damaged.
Foreign shipping: Starts at $2 for 1oz. Guarantee void unless you pay extra for eDelcon and your country has it.
Payments: Venmo, Cashapp, Zelle, Money Order, Cashapp, GW. (PAYPAL: +3% - the fee is ONLY refundable in cases for which I am at fault)
The Numismatico Guarantee: I guarantee everything I sell. I'm a buyer on this forum as well and want to treat buyers the way I'd like to be treated as a buyer. As I've recently learned, I am unlike many other sellers on this sub because I will guarantee your metals up to the point when it gets delivered to you, as indicated on the tracking. If it gets lost in transit (ie. no delivery within 14 days in the US) of shipment, I will refund you for your order amount 100%. I will also accept refund or compensate you if it gets damaged somehow (but should not because I package with at least 2 layers). This guarantee does not cover any shipment that is sent without delivery confirmation such as if you pay for it shipped in a stamped envelope or if it's shipped to a foreign country in a method that does not include eDelcon as it is impossible to prove whether or not you actually received it. I provide tracking almost immediately upon receipt of payment.
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2020.09.18 10:54 IIWIIM8 Global COVID Cases For 18SEP20

Summary As Of: 18SEP20 @ 23:01 GMT
Countries 213 + 2
Cases 30,652,203
Deaths 955,187
Recovered 22,309,152
Active Cases 7,387,864
Cntry's w/Active cases w/No Active cases w/All cases rcvrd
Cntry's 202 2 9
Cases 30,310,226 108 219
Deaths 949,709 4 0
Rcvrd 22,009,722 104 219

Daily totals of new: cases, deaths & recoveries

Date Cases Deaths Recoveries
16SEP 302,535 6,085 262,909
17SEP 308,206 5,568 237,925
Current 280,846 4,917 277,131

Cases, Deaths, Active by continent

Continent Cases Deaths Active
Africa 1,397,097 33,675 1,145,186
Asia 9,224,264 173,549 7,508,880
Europe 4,352,528 215,498 2,354,283
N America 8,241,564 296,187 5,115,164
Oceania 30,343 872 26,525
S America 7,405,686 235,391 6,158,463
Complete chart in Full Version

Countries with Active Cases

Country Cases Deaths Recoveries
USA 6,918,712+ 203,073+ 4,182,772+
India 5,305,475+ 85,625+ 4,205,201+
Brazil 4,495,183+ 135,793+ 3,789,139+
Russia 1,091,186+ 19,195+ 901,207+
Colombia 750,471+ 23,850+ 621,521+
Peru 750,098+ 31,146+ 594,513+
Mexico 684,113+ 72,179+ 488,416+
Spain 659,334+ 30,495+ N/A
South Africa 657,627+ 15,857+ 586,844+
Argentina 601,713+ 12,491+ 467,286+
Chile 442,827+ 12,199+ 415,981+
France 428,696+ 31,249+ 91,574+
Iran 416,198+ 23,952+ 355,505+
UK 385,936+ 41,732+ N/A
Bangladesh 345,805+ 4,881+ 252,335+
Saudi Arabia 328,720+ 4,430+ 308,352+
Iraq 311,690+ 8,408+ 245,305+
Pakistan 304,386+ 6,408+ 291,683+
Turkey 299,810+ 7,377+ 264,805+
Italy 294,932+ 35,668+ 216,807+
Philippines 279,526+ 4,830+ 208,790+
Germany 271,244+ 9,464+ 241,300+
Indonesia 236,519+ 9,336+ 170,774+
Israel 179,071+ 1,196+ 130,024+
Ukraine 169,472+ 3,468+ 75,486+
Canada 141,566+ 9,201+ 123,512+
Bolivia 129,419+ 7,511+ 87,716+
Qatar 122,917+ 209+ 119,822+
Ecuador 122,257 11,029 97,063
Romania 110,217+ 4,360+ 88,235+
Kazakhstan 107,134+ 1,671 101,610+
Dominican Republic 106,732+ 2,034+ 80,179+
Panama 104,138+ 2,213+ 77,881+
Egypt 101,772+ 5,733+ 87,958+
Kuwait 98,528+ 580+ 88,776+
Belgium 97,976+ 9,936+ 18,854+
Morocco 97,264+ 1,755+ 76,690+
Oman 91,753 818 84,648
Netherlands 90,047+ 6,273+ N/A
Sweden 88,237+ 5,865+ N/A
China 85,255+ 4,634 80,456+
Guatemala 84,344+ 3,076+ 73,748+
UAE 83,433+ 403+ 72,790+
Japan 77,494+ 1,482+ 69,899+
Poland 77,328+ 2,270+ 63,312+
Belarus 75,230+ 773+ 73,098+
Honduras 70,120+ 2,122+ 20,677+
Ethiopia 67,515+ 1,072+ 27,638+
Portugal 67,176+ 1,894+ 45,053+
Venezuela 64,284+ 520+ 52,564+
Bahrain 63,879+ 220+ 56,700+
Costa Rica 62,374+ 686+ 23,160+
Nepal 61,593+ 390+ 43,820+
Singapore 57,543+ 27 57,071+
Nigeria 56,956+ 1,094+ 48,305+
Uzbekistan 50,253+ 419+ 46,527+
Algeria 49,413+ 1,659+ 34,818+
Switzerland 49,283+ 2,045+ 40,500+
Armenia 46,910+ 926+ 42,369+
Ghana 45,760+ 295+ 44,973+
Moldova 45,648+ 1,186+ 33,734+
Kyrgyzstan 45,244+ 1,063 41,415+
Czechia 45,228+ 494+ 23,652+
Azerbaijan 38,894+ 572+ 36,424+
Afghanistan 38,883+ 1,437+ 32,576+
Kenya 36,724+ 646+ 23,709+
Austria 36,661+ 763+ 28,451+
Palestine 34,401+ 250+ 23,333+
Serbia 32,757+ 739+ 31,411
Ireland 32,271+ 1,792+ 23,364
Paraguay 31,113+ 584+ 16,313+
Lebanon 27,518+ 281+ 10,739+
El Salvador 27,346+ 804+ 20,825+
Australia 26,861+ 837+ 23,855+
Libya 26,438+ 418+ 14,207+
Bosnia and Herzegovina 24,897+ 752+ 17,365+
S. Korea 22,783+ 377+ 19,771+
Denmark 21,847+ 635 17,110+
Cameroon 20,371+ 416+ 19,124+
Ivory Coast 19,200+ 120 18,392+
Bulgaria 18,733+ 753+ 13,510+
North Macedonia 16,417+ 683+ 13,732+
Hungary 16,111+ 669+ 4,240+
Madagascar 15,971+ 217+ 14,587+
Greece 14,738+ 327+ 3,804
Senegal 14,645+ 301+ 11,051+
Croatia 14,513+ 244+ 12,169+
Zambia 14,022+ 329+ 13,207+
Sudan 13,535 836 6,759
Norway 12,708+ 267+ 10,371
Albania 12,073+ 353+ 6,831+
DRC 10,456+ 268+ 9,863+
Guinea 10,231+ 63 9,660+
Namibia 10,207+ 108 7,947+
Malaysia 10,147+ 129+ 9,264+
French Guiana 9,659+ 65 9,298+
Maldives 9,568+ 33 8,077+
Tajikistan 9,259+ 73 8,026+
Finland 8,858+ 339 7,700
Gabon 8,696+ 53 7,848+
Haiti 8,600+ 221+ 6,363+
Tunisia 8,570 133 2,342
Luxembourg 7,718+ 124 6,703+
Zimbabwe 7,647+ 224 5,883+
Montenegro 7,503+ 129+ 4,892+
Mauritania 7,361+ 161 6,882+
Mozambique 6,264+ 40+ 3,502+
Slovakia 6,256+ 39 3,390+
Malawi 5,716+ 179 4,026+
Uganda 5,594+ 61+ 2,544+
Djibouti 5,403+ 61 5,333
Eswatini 5,215+ 103+ 4,478+
Cabo Verde 5,141+ 50+ 4,548+
Cuba 5,004+ 111+ 4,249+
Equatorial Guinea 5,002 83 4,509
Hong Kong 4,997+ 103+ 4,696+
Nicaragua 4,961 147 2,913
Congo 4,934 88 3,887
CAR 4,786+ 62 1,830
Rwanda 4,671+ 25+ 2,845+
Suriname 4,671+ 95 4,160+
Myanmar 4,467+ 70+ 1,130+
Jamaica 4,374 51 1,225
Jordan 4,344+ 29+ 2,511+
Slovenia 4,195+ 140+ 2,939+
Angola 3,848+ 147+ 1,443+
Syria 3,731+ 168+ 918+
Trinidad and Tobago 3,651+ 60 1,586+
Lithuania 3,565+ 87 2,181+
Mayotte 3,541+ 40 2,964
Thailand 3,497+ 58 3,328+
Gambia 3,473+ 107 1,951+
Aruba 3,460+ 23+ 2,128+
Guadeloupe 3,426 26 837
Somalia 3,390 98 2,812
Sri Lanka 3,281+ 13 3,060+
Réunion 3,194+ 15 1,794
Bahamas 3,177+ 69 1,626+
Georgia 3,119+ 19 1,435+
Mali 2,991+ 128 2,332+
Estonia 2,814+ 64 2,357+
Malta 2,634+ 17+ 1,996+
South Sudan 2,609+ 49 1,290
Botswana 2,567 13 624
Benin 2,280 40 1,950+
Guinea-Bissau 2,275 39 1,127
Iceland 2,230+ 10 2,112+
Sierra Leone 2,153+ 72 1,649+
Guyana 2,102+ 62+ 1,314+
Yemen 2,024+ 585 1,221
Uruguay 1,876+ 46+ 1,582+
New Zealand 1,809 25 1,714+
Burkina Faso 1,797+ 56 1,173+
Togo 1,640+ 41 1,251+
Belize 1,567+ 19 742+
Cyprus 1,565+ 22 1,282
Andorra 1,564+ 53 1,164+
Latvia 1,498+ 36 1,248
Liberia 1,334+ 82 1,214
Lesotho 1,327 33 687
Niger 1,183+ 69 1,104
Chad 1,147+ 81 966+
Martinique 1,122 18 98
French Polynesia 1,099 2 672
Vietnam 1,068+ 35 941+
Sao Tome and Principe 908+ 15 873+
San Marino 723 42 663
Turks and Caicos 663+ 5 565+
Channel Islands 644+ 48 575
Sint Maarten 565+ 19 477
Papua New Guinea 516 6 232
Tanzania 509 21 183
Taiwan 503 7 478
Burundi 473+ 1 374
Comoros 470+ 7 449+
Faeroe Islands 430+ 0 412
Mauritius 366 10 338
Eritrea 364 0 305
Gibraltar 346+ 0 315+
Isle of Man 339 24 312
Saint Martin 330 6 206
Mongolia 311 0 302+
Cambodia 275 0 274
Bhutan 252+ 0 182+
Curaçao 228+ 1 83+
Cayman Islands 208 1 204
Monaco 191+ 1 152+
Barbados 185 7 172+
Bermuda 178 9 164
Brunei 145 3 141
Seychelles 141 0 136
Liechtenstein 112 1 108
British Virgin Islands 69+ 1 48+
Caribbean Netherlands 36+ 1 17
Fiji 32 2 26+
Saint Lucia 27 0 26
Timor-Leste 27 0 26
Dominica 24 0 18
Laos 23 0 22
St. Barth 23 0 16
Saint Pierre Miquelon 11 0 5
Western Sahara 10 1 8
Total: 30,652,203 955,187 22,309,152
Complete chart in Full Version

Countries with No Active Cases

Country Cases Deaths Rcvrd
Anguilla 3 0 3
Falkland Islands 13 0 13
Greenland 14 0 14
Grenada 24 0 24
Macao 46 0 46
New Caledonia 26 0 26
Saint Kitts and Nevis 17 0 17
Total: 219 0 219

Countries with All Cases Resolved

Country Cases Deaths Rcvrd
Antigua and Barbuda 95 3 92
Montserrat 13 1 12
Total: 108 4 104

International Conveyances

Intl Cnvy Cases Deaths Rcvrd
Montserrat 13 1 12
Diamond Princess 712 13 651
Total: 725 14 663
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2020.09.17 20:04 autotldr In the weeds - How Bayer, U.S. government teamed up against Thailand's glyphosate ban

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 76%. (I'm a bot)
7 Min Read.BANGKOK - Chemicals giant Bayer and the U.S. government cooperated closely last year to lobby Thailand to reverse its ban on glyphosate, used in the company's controversial weedkiller Roundup, documents obtained by an environmental group and reviewed by Reuters show.
Thailand eventually dropped plans to ban glyphosate a few days before the ban was due to come into force in December 2019.
Thailand had initiated significant steps in August 2019 to ban glyphosate and other chemicals widely deemed toxic to humans.
The World Health Organization's cancer research arm classified glyphosate as "Probably carcinogenic to humans" in March 2015.As Thailand considered the ban on glyphosate, Bayer kicked off its lobbying effort.
A ban on glyphosate would have meant grain grown using it could not enter Thailand, denying U.S. exporters of bulk crops - including soybeans and wheat - access to a market that, like others in Southeast Asia, has grown massively from 2015 to nearly $1 billion in value in 2019, U.S. data shows.
Graphic: U.S. crop sales to Thailand since 2010, ).(Graphic: Southeast Asia has emerged as a key growth market for U.S. crop exporters, ).Despite the initial lobbying efforts, Thailand's National Hazardous Substances Committee formally approved the ban on Oct. 22 with an effective start date in December.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: ban#1 U.S.#2 glyphosate#3 documents#4 Bayer#5
Post found in /worldnews.
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2020.09.17 17:00 TradeFlags Hourly News Update

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SPX 3358.0 NASDAQ 11119.0 DOW 27857.0 OIL 43.15
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2020.09.17 16:59 koine_lingua Response to "If you are a smug Democrat or leftist coming here to see how 'stupid' we are..." on /r/Republican

So I'm actually kind of uncertain about the rules for posting here. I know the actual rule section states that "unless you identify as Republican that you refrain from commenting "; though I feel like from the time I've spent here, I haven't seen this upheld very often.
Maybe my post will be removed, as I'm unambiguously not a Republican, and am pretty clearly left-leaning in most of my views. I figure, though, that since your post is explicitly directed at left-leaning individuals, and since a number of commenters here are inviting them to respond, that it might be considered a bit of a one-off exception.
Just to be clear on a few things: I wouldn't consider myself smug, nor do I come here with any notions about how "stupid" the posters here are — though (like other subreddits representing other political perspectives) I do recognize this as a partisan subreddit, where I think views are often expressed far too carelessly and hostilely.
I'm not a centrist, even if I don't consider my political beliefs to be the most important type of beliefs that I hold as a person, and even though I put great emphasis on finding common ground when it comes to dialogue.
On one last note, I don't think much productive discussion is usually had around these kinds of "gotcha" posts. The main type of argument that this post seems to be centered around is tu quoque, or whataboutism; and I think that this style usually just drags both sides down, and comes dangerously close to the view that two wrongs make a right.
So the style of this post presents hyphenated claims that have presumably been expressed by some Democrats/leftists, followed by a critical response in bold. I'll quote that format as is, and then comment on each item.
  • Trump is trying to encourage peace in the world. He's making moves to end the wars we are in.
Democrats have brought the violence here to our streets. They are failing to condemn it and normalizing the idea that even more will happen if they don't get what they want.
Ideologically/philosophically, I'm a bit more of a rigid pacifist than most; so you won't see me condoning violence. You'll see how a number of my responses here are influenced by this.
In terms of foreign policy and militarism: Trump's stated views, and a number of his actions, indeed tend toward the non-interventionist direction, which is commendable. One question here, though, is whether there's a sort of inevitability to the "war machine," as it relates to the assertion of American power and in the administration's actions in relation to inherited conflicts; and I think this is part of what leads some commentators to speak in terms of some contradictions here. For example, this short piece in Foreign Policy begins by stating
On matters of war and peace, U.S. President Donald Trump says what he means but rarely does what he says; the result has been his administration’s contradictory combination of hawkish militarism and strategic retrenchment. Alongside Trump’s overt militarism—demonstrated in practice by the expansion of troop deployments and airstrikes in the wars he inherited—he has, paradoxically, repeated a rhetorical preference for reducing certain overseas military commitments, both deployments and wars.
(I'll leave to others to determine whether all the assessments in the full article that's quoted here are fair or not. I quote it more so just to showcase more complex views of this than out of blanket agreement. Also, it was written in 2019, and as such obviously doesn't take into account recent peace deals.)
Turning to the domestic situation: I still think that the overwhelming trend is for people on all sides to make a substantive distinction between committed political protesters and opportunistic rioters — certainly including Joe Biden. That being said, the symbiotic (or maybe parasitic?) relationship between political protest and rioting and destruction has always been a super thorny issue — prominent during the civil rights protests, for example, and something that those like Martin Luther King, Jr. famously struggled with.
But yes, again, as someone who leans pretty firmly in a pacifist direction, I'm uncomfortable with normalizing violence, even if some might characterize it as an "inevitable" byproduct of profound political and social change.
  • You tell us Black Lives Matter is just about better police treatment of black people.
Trump doesn't control the police, so why were people trying to storm the White House?
Along with some of what I said in my previous comments, storming the White House is silly and won't accomplish anything, but isn't necessarily contradictory to the larger aims of Black Lives Matter in terms of reducing racial discrimination. (Nor do I think that those more misplaced actions should be taken to be representative of Black Lives Matter supporters as a whole.)
And not by way of justification, but by way of explanation, the President — any President — will always be a figurehead, real and symbolic, for larger political and social views. (And on another note, while the Trump administration indeed doesn't control police, the issue of law enforcement funding is indeed a federal issue, over which Trump and Biden obviously have some differing views.)
  • It's just about "unfair treatment".
Why do you all ignore the ACTUAL justice reform that Trump signed?
First and foremost, justice reform isn't just about one thing. Also, for what it's worth, the First Step Act is almost certainly the measure supported by the Trump administration that has the greatest amount of bipartisan support, and passed 87-12 in the Senate.
We should probably be careful about overstating the amount of reforms initiated by the Trump administration, though. In the section on justice reform on the official site for Trump accomplishments, for example, this seems to center almost exclusively on the First Step Act. (Also, just on a more historical note, the First Step Act has its roots in the 2015 Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act. That's not to downplay its significance, but to give a bit more context about its origins.)
  • You think we care nothing about people's lives.
But you don't say anything about states that passed bills making it legal to abort a child literally as it's being born.
I think it'd be silly to think that Republicans and others don't care about people's lives. More generally speaking, I think that both strongly-held pro-choice beliefs and pro-life beliefs both come from concern for people's lives; and/or what might best be described as moral intuitions — sometimes at the expense of rational justification and argument.
That being said, I actually don't know anything about (what I assume) is the debate over "partial-birth abortion," so I won't say anything else about this item.
  • You think we are selfish for wanting to go to church.
How many crowded funerals did George Floyd get, again?
I'd honestly think that the vast majority of criticism here is aimed specifically at church-going that pretty flagrantly refuses to practice social distancing. But yes, I think improper social distancing should be condemned no matter where it takes place. It really, really sucks to be where we are, especially when it comes to our inability to grieve and be with people.
  • You chose Biden and try to sell him as a reasonable centrist.
We know that he may have been that 20 years ago, but he's changed his agenda to be far more "progressive."
I'm not someone who's necessarily inclined to apologize for a more substantive shift to the left. That being said, it remains to be seen how much of Biden's rhetoric here is simply more... opportunistic, in terms of appealing to a wider, younger base that leans far more progressive, whereas he'd be aware that there's little he could really do in terms of more progressive measures actually passing in the Senate.
  • You tell us we're "selfish, greedy bastards."
Republicans give more than Democrats do to charity, and do so at all levels of income.
Some may say that, but I’d never make such a statement.
That Republicans are more charitable than Democrats is a well established fact; and there's no excuse for that — we have to do better. Maybe taking a closer look to try to found out exactly why this is the case can yield some interesting insights, though. (As it stands, I know virtually nothing about that.)
  • You say that Trump is going to have roaming bands of Nazi brownshirts on the streets terrorizing people.
You are now gathering to harass diners trying to eat meals outside...demanding they raise their fists, political figures trying to have dinner are being accosted, conservative journalists have had to move from their homes, you are shouting death threats outside the Senate Majority leader's house and now BLM apparently has a group targeting racist "citizens" to show up at their homes...
Again, as someone fairly committed to non-violence, you won't see me defend these more extreme actions. I do think, though, that at the same time that there are those who opportunistically hijack this movement for more anarchistic or radical purposes, there are a number of people on the other side who also over-eager to use moments like these to make radical political and social statements of their own. (I'll pick this back up in the section about armed protestors.)
Hit the character limit; continued below.
Part 2
  • You say that WE are "in a cult".
You have most major media giving you talking points that you agree with and you discuss how you've had to cut actual family and friends out of your life because they like "Mango Mussolini".
If my takeaway from the point about charity is that we Democrats/etc. have to do better, the takeaway from this one is is that we all have to do better. We especially need to work on not allowing ourselves to by riled up by media commentators — along with being more critical when some of their same sensationalism can spill over into the non-commentary section, too.
As for relationships with friends and family: I struggle with this in my personal life, too. Specifically, while I have an iron-clad policy to never initiate a political conversation or anything with my father, he sends me very sensationalist media and videos unsolicited all the time; and when I try to engage in some of the most respectful conversation about some of these things, he has a tendency to lose his temper very quickly. I know some struggle with the opposite problem.
  • You say that you are the ones who love minorities.
The vitriol that you express towards any member of a minority group that champions conservative beliefs is testimony that you do not.
I think this is one of the weaker responses in your post. It's easy to distinguish larger concern for a populace's well-being from political differences with individual minorities, without thinking the latter entails the former. But yes, occasionally, the idea that minorities can "vote against their own interests" (etc.) can be expressed silly and insensitive ways that have racist connotations — see Biden's "you ain’t black" comment.
  • You say that taking our kids to church is child abuse because they are impressionable.
But when kids are taken to riots by antifa parents and tear gas is deployed, it's the cops' fault for endangering the kids.
I'd imagine the view that taking kids to church s child abuse is fairly radical and uncommon. I'd imagine taking your kids to an Antifa rally is similarly radical and uncommon. I think focusing on these rare events creates more heat than light.
  • You say that you love America.
You voted for a dude that wanted it fundamentally say that "it was never great" and some of you are openly wanting a socialist state and you are burning American flags in the streets now.
I think that "fundamentally transformed" can easily be taken more charitably. The Constitution and other legal fundamentals represent a certain set of principles that can't be abandoned; but it also allows for a wide range of views and policies re: how America should function politically and socially.
I’m aware that many have strongly held views about our "national" moral failures. And related to ths, one time, my dad expressed some very strong and disturbing views about Colin Kaepernick and his original protest. I tried to explain that I don't think his was a statement of anti-Americanism, but a provocative challenge to perceptions of the "America" of unbridled optimism, instead calling attention to those who have continually experienced America in a different, painful way (and who obviously looked forward to a day where they didn't have this experience).
  • Teachers are concerned that "conservative parents" might overhear the lessons they are teaching our kids.
You think they have a right to be scared of the parents who are paying their salaries.
I honestly have very little idea of what this is in reference to, so I'll skip this one. (Though I think it also risks conflating "some teachers" with "all teachers.")
  • You snidely said, "All buildings matter" on 9/11.
BLM Riots Are Officially the Most Costly Man made Damage to American Property in History
“All buildings matter” is silly statement basically expressing whataboutism — trying to critique a perceived disproportionate focus on 9/11 by comparing it to anti-BLM sentiment, which presumably is premising on pushing back on (what's perceived to be) a disproportionate focus on a relatively small number of lives.
  • You think you are the ones who understand civics.
You still insist that Hillary really won the 2016 election.
Maybe there's a (small) movement of people who think Clinton really won the electoral vote; but so far as it goes for most people, this obviously comes down to different philosophical views about the role of the electoral college vs. popular vote in determining the President.
  • You used to deny being socialists.
Now you often try to make self-posts here asking us, "What's wrong with having socialism?"
I won't say too much about this one. Somehow, though, I imagine that most of these aren't calls for "full-blown" socialism, but attempts to establish some common ground re: the necessity of a number of programs and initiatives of social welfare.
  • You think that kids making MAGA videos is wrong and exploitative.
But at the same age it's okay for other kids to do dancing in drag at strip clubs.
This is definitely one of the most bizarre and seemingly absurd items here. I can't imagine how small the number of people is that thinks it's okay for kids to be dancing in drag at strop club. But yes, I think that almost no one under the age of 14 or so is capable of grasping the nuance of most political debates (though I suppose that applies far beyond age 14), and that any media paying attention to this is sensationalism by very definition.
  • You demand that subreddits that seem to encourage violence and are conservative be "shut down".
You defend subreddits that advocate violence from the side that is currently PERPETRATING violence in the streets.
I've honestly never followed a lot of the controversy here, so I don't have anything to say on this. Again, though, as someone bit more inclined toward pacifism than most, I'd imagine this is an area that we have to do better on.
  • You complained when re open protests had armed people at them.
A member of a black militia actually opened fire accidentally at a BLM protest and shot three comrades in Louisville. We never hear about it.
In tandem with what I said in my previous comment, I have more blanket opposition toward weapons altogether. At the same time, I still support concealed carry, and would prefer to see much less open carry here — and I think we'd see much less violence here.
  • You think we're poorly informed due to the terrible media we consume.
You still don't know the true story of what happened to the Covington kids in DC and you still want Nick Sandmann to suffer for that hate-smirk.
I do think that our choice of media — particularly its emphasis on opinion/commentary — has a profound and negative effect on political thought, and especially dialogue. As for me personally, at the time of the Covington incident, I spent a great deal of time writing an objective account of events.
  • You think that Russia somehow nefariously influenced the last election via social media.
But you never question who might be behind your favorite left-wing social media sites and posts.
With the caveat that I haven't spent a lot of time researching this issue Russian state influence on social media here, my understanding was that this wasn't exactly a conspiracy theory, and more solidly established. Whatever the case, though, I think that something like this should be a concern to both sides of the political aisle, less than an opportunity to engage in whataboutism.
  • Trump has increased troop pay, improved military readiness, invested in support and worked for REAL reform for a VA long beleaguered by problems.
You tried to float the idea that Trump hates the troops.
My understanding (having not spent a ton of time focusing on issues like this in particular) is that the ideas of a reduced military readiness, etc., could be misleading at best.
As for Trump's personal attitude toward those in the military: one major thing I've learned from having spent extensive time critically analyzing the way we form and maintain beliefs is that way some of the ways our different views and opinions relate to each other can be complicated and perplexing. They can even be contradictory. It's certainly possible that Trump can both have respect for the military and service members as a whole, while at same time also harboring more cynical sentiments, too. (The same goes for his purported views about evangelical Christians, etc.)
  • You said it was grossly offensive, horrible, awful and racist to blame the virus on China.
But every day you slog on trying to blame the virus on Trump.
I think "responsibility" for COVID is spread out a lot more diffusely than some think, even domestically. But at the same time I think Trump's is a calculated deflection.
  • You complain at how the virus is decimating the economy.
But you don't care that the House won't get together with the Senate to cooperate on a Covid relief bill.
I wouldn’t have thought of the original claim as an idiosyncratically Democratic view. I also haven’t followed debate/analysis of the congressional talks about the relief bills, so I have nothing of value to add on that. I'll only say that obstructionism is in many ways the MO of the legislative branch as whole, and I think usually both sides end up making each other look bad, even if one could be said to be acting in more “good faith” than the other.
Hit character limit again; a little more below.
Part 3
  • You think it's too dangerous to vote in person.
But you think these protests just have to happen because the cause is too important.
I think this one has some slight nuance that I can't get fully into due to running out of character space. As a whole, though, if people believe this, I can't see it as anything other than hypocrisy. But again, I think it'd be silly to use that as the basis for insisting on one and not the other.
  • You think that white people are clueless and pretty racist and generally kinda bad and responsible for most of the suffering in the world.
But you want us to adopt the Nordic model of healthcare.
I think this is another of the weaker responses. I think very few of those (white persons) emphasizing the role of systemic racism are unaware that most governments officials — even ones they support — are, well, white. And I think it's silly to accuse them of hypocrisy in this. (I guess I just think "[y]ou think white people are clueless and pretty racist" is a pretty ridiculous characterization in the first place.)
  • You are LGBTQ+ - supportive!
... but when 45% of gay men say that they are backing Trump...SUDDENLY they are "immoral."
I feel much the same way about this comment as I do about your previous one about minority Trump supporters. I'd imagine a number of people were surprised at those poll results (on the dating app Hornet); but I don't think their surprise — and/or dismay — would have anything whatsoever to do with thinking that they were now immoral for being gay.
  • You've spent years blaming anti-vaxx on "the right."
But when Biden and Harris suggested that they wouldn't trust a Covid 19 vaccine because Trump is President, you were silent. They lied, people died?
I haven't really formed an opinion about this yet. For context, though, this Axos article quoting Biden's statement in full reads as follows:
“Let me be clear: I trust vaccines, I trust scientists, but I don’t trust Donald Trump,” Biden said. He then called on Trump to answer the following three questions, and said the American people should not have confidence if the president can't answer them:
"What criteria will be used to ensure that a vaccine meets the scientific standard of safety and effectiveness?"
"If the administration greenlights a vaccine, who will validate that the decision was driven by science rather than politics? What group of scientists will that be?"
"How can we be sure that the distribution of the vaccine will take place safely, cost-free and without a hint of favoritism?"
(End Biden quote.)
  • You keep insisting that the USA is the worst nation at dealing with Covid...
Per population, seven other countries have done "worse"...they are Belgium, the UK, Spain, Peru, Italy, Sweden and Chile.
If someone's misrepresented the statistics here, they should correct their view. On the other hand, I don't think the battle for "least worst" is particularly glorious one.
  • You seem to oppose any measure that would make our vote more secure and less prone to fraud. You insist that fraud doesn't happen.
But you are yelling that somehow Republicans are going to steal the election via some nebulous voter fraud.
I think both Democrats and Republicans have an interest in election security, but differing views on how to go about this — some more self-interested than others. I don't think there's a blanket denial that there's actually no election fraud whatsoever; just push-back against sensationalism about its prevalence. (I think anyone who thinks that there are millions of fraudulent votes is clearly engaging in a baseless conspiracy theory. I'd be surprised if there were more than 1,000 instances in any national election.)
But yes, by the same token, Democrats can also engage in this kind of hyperbole/hysteria about massive Russian-influenced voter fraud or whatever.
  • You think that our only objections to Obama were mustard and that tan suit. And only because we are racist.
IRS scandal, unconstitutional DACA, health reform disaster, Fast and Furious, disappearing stimulus money, spying on journalists and persecuting Fox, Iran pallets of cash, incoherent Middle East name a few...
I think we all need to be a lot more critical of the politicians we support, even if it's inconvenient or uncomfortable. I think a number of those are perfectly valid reasons for criticizing things that took place during the Obama administration — of course bearing in mind that it's not always direct Obama appointees, etc., who bear the brunt of responsibility for these scandals. (The same goes for the Trump administration, or any other one.) I think Trump of all people could/should admit that not everything that takes place in the course of an administration is the responsibility/fault of the administration.
  • You suddenly think you need guns because Trump is "worse than Hitler" and you might need to protect yourself from the government.
You are going to vote for a man who just tweeted that he's going to take the guns.
I'm assuming this is the tweet in question:
Weapons of war have no place in our communities.
We need to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.
This coheres with the stated policy on the official Biden policy site:
Ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Federal law prevents hunters from hunting migratory game birds with more than three shells in their shotgun. That means our federal law does more to protect ducks than children. It’s wrong. Joe Biden will enact legislation to once again ban assault weapons. This time, the bans will be designed based on lessons learned from the 1994 bans. For example, the ban on assault weapons will be designed to prevent manufacturers from circumventing the law by making minor changes that don’t limit the weapon’s lethality. While working to pass this legislation, Biden will also use his executive authority to ban the importation of assault weapons.
I'm sure opinions range on whether this is a good thing or not; but calling this "taking your guns" is doubly inaccurate, in that 1) it doesn't suggest anything about taking these existing weapons from their currents owners, and 2) it seems to suggest a blanket ban on "guns" in general.
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2020.09.17 15:15 IIWIIM8 Global COVID Cases For 17SEP20

Summary As Of: 17SEP20 @ 22:28 GMT
Countries 213 + 2
Cases 30,310,226
Deaths 949,709
Recovered 22,009,722
Active Cases 7,350,795
Cntry's w/Active cases w/No Active cases w/All cases rcvrd
Cntry's 203 1 9
Cases 30,014,979 13 219
Deaths 944,484 1 0
Rcvrd 21,768,798 12 219

Daily totals of new: cases, deaths & recoveries

Date Cases Deaths Recoveries
15SEP 279,130 6,001 261,749
16SEP 308,868 6,224 262,906
Current 283,109 4,994 215,629

Cases, Deaths, Active by continent

Continent Cases Deaths Active
Africa 1,388,674 33,482 1,137,840
Asia 9,099,804 171,716 7,387,983
Europe 4,271,542 214,844 2,294,417
N America 8,182,238 294,916 5,068,509
Oceania 30,295 867 26,453
S America 7,336,952 233,869 6,093,869
Complete chart in Full Version

Countries with Active Cases

Country Cases Deaths Recoveries
USA 6,868,278+ 202,119+ 4,145,009+
India 5,212,686+ 84,404+ 4,109,828+
Brazil 4,455,386+ 134,935+ 3,753,082+
Russia 1,085,281+ 19,061+ 895,868+
Peru 744,400+ 31,051+ 587,717+
Colombia 743,945+ 23,665+ 615,457+
Mexico 680,931+ 71,978+ 485,024+
South Africa 655,572+ 15,772+ 585,303+
Spain 625,651+ 30,405+ N/A
Argentina 589,012 12,229+ 456,347+
Chile 441,150+ 12,142+ 413,928+
France 415,481+ 31,095+ 90,840+
Iran 413,149+ 23,808+ 353,848+
UK 381,614+ 41,705+ N/A
Bangladesh 344,264+ 4,859+ 250,412+
Saudi Arabia 328,144+ 4,399+ 307,207+
Iraq 307,385+ 8,332+ 241,100+
Pakistan 303,634+ 6,399+ 291,169+
Turkey 298,039+ 7,315+ 263,745+
Italy 293,025+ 35,658+ 215,954+
Philippines 276,289+ 4,785+ 208,096+
Germany 269,035+ 9,455+ 239,100
Indonesia 232,628+ 9,222+ 166,686+
Israel 175,256+ 1,169+ 126,329+
Ukraine 166,244+ 3,400+ 73,913+
Canada 140,539+ 9,199+ 122,836+
Bolivia 128,872+ 7,478+ 87,031+
Qatar 122,693+ 208 119,613+
Ecuador 122,257+ 11,029+ 97,063
Romania 108,690+ 4,312+ 43,244
Kazakhstan 107,056+ 1,671 101,455+
Dominican Republic 106,136+ 2,022+ 79,363+
Panama 103,466 2,198 76,787
Egypt 101,641+ 5,715+ 87,158+
Kuwait 97,824+ 575+ 87,911+
Belgium 95,948+ 9,935+ 18,810+
Morocco 94,504+ 1,714+ 74,930+
Oman 91,753+ 818+ 84,648+
Netherlands 88,073+ 6,266+ N/A
Sweden 87,885+ 5,864+ N/A
China 85,223+ 4,634 80,448+
Guatemala 83,664+ 3,036+ 73,260+
UAE 82,568+ 402 72,117+
Japan 77,009+ 1,473+ 69,253+
Poland 76,571+ 2,253+ 62,725+
Belarus 74,987+ 771+ 72,967+
Honduras 69,660+ 2,102+ 19,983+
Ethiopia 66,913+ 1,060+ 27,085+
Portugal 66,396+ 1,888+ 44,794+
Venezuela 63,416+ 511+ 51,274+
Bahrain 63,189+ 217+ 56,087+
Costa Rica 60,818+ 666+ 22,662+
Nepal 59,573+ 383+ 42,949+
Singapore 57,532+ 27 57,039+
Nigeria 56,735+ 1,093+ 48,092+
Uzbekistan 49,627+ 413+ 45,970+
Algeria 49,194+ 1,654+ 34,675+
Switzerland 48,795+ 2,042+ 39,900
Armenia 46,671+ 925+ 42,231+
Ghana 45,714+ 294 44,896+
Kyrgyzstan 45,153+ 1,063 41,317+
Moldova 44,983+ 1,170+ 33,239+
Czechia 42,739+ 488+ 23,321+
Afghanistan 38,872+ 1,436 32,505+
Azerbaijan 38,777+ 571+ 36,289+
Kenya 36,576+ 642+ 23,611+
Austria 35,853+ 758 28,044+
Palestine 33,843+ 244+ 23,060+
Serbia 32,695+ 738+ 31,512+
Ireland 32,023+ 1,789+ 23,364
Paraguay 30,419+ 566+ 15,740+
El Salvador 27,249+ 801+ 20,392+
Australia 26,813+ 832+ 23,792+
Lebanon 26,768+ 263+ 10,217+
Libya 25,822+ 409+ 13,908+
Bosnia and Herzegovina 24,605+ 747+ 17,219+
S. Korea 22,657+ 372+ 19,543+
Denmark 21,393+ 635+ 16,918+
Cameroon 20,303 415 18,837
Ivory Coast 19,158+ 120 18,330+
Bulgaria 18,544+ 749+ 13,391+
North Macedonia 16,274+ 675+ 13,635+
Madagascar 15,925+ 216+ 14,547+
Hungary 15,170+ 663+ 4,227+
Senegal 14,618+ 300+ 10,923+
Greece 14,400+ 325+ 3,804
Croatia 14,279+ 238+ 11,933+
Zambia 13,887 326 12,869
Sudan 13,535 836 6,759
Norway 12,571+ 266+ 10,371
Albania 11,948+ 347+ 6,788+
DRC 10,442+ 267 9,840+
Guinea 10,154 63 9,612
Namibia 10,078+ 108 7,685+
Malaysia 10,052+ 128 9,250+
French Guiana 9,623+ 65 9,267+
Maldives 9,494+ 33 8,033+
Tajikistan 9,214+ 73 7,988+
Finland 8,799+ 339 7,700
Gabon 8,678 53 7,827
Tunisia 8,570+ 133+ 2,342+
Haiti 8,556+ 220 6,315+
Zimbabwe 7,598 224 5,823
Luxembourg 7,394+ 124 6,593+
Mauritania 7,332 161 6,844
Montenegro 7,291+ 126+ 4,764+
Mozambique 6,161+ 39 3,393+
Slovakia 6,021+ 39+ 3,288+
Malawi 5,711+ 179+ 4,000+
Djibouti 5,399+ 61 5,333+
Uganda 5,380+ 60 2,489+
Eswatini 5,155+ 101 4,418+
Cabo Verde 5,063+ 49+ 4,465+
Equatorial Guinea 5,002+ 83 4,509+
Hong Kong 4,994+ 102 4,682+
Nicaragua 4,961 147 2,913
Congo 4,934 88 3,887
Cuba 4,933+ 109 4,230+
CAR 4,782+ 62 1,830+
Rwanda 4,653+ 23+ 2,817+
Suriname 4,645+ 95 4,089+
Jamaica 4,374+ 51+ 1,225+
Jordan 4,131+ 26 2,415+
Slovenia 4,058+ 136+ 2,897+
Myanmar 4,043+ 60+ 944+
Angola 3,789+ 144+ 1,405+
Syria 3,691+ 165+ 903+
Lithuania 3,504+ 87 2,149+
Thailand 3,490 58 3,325+
Gambia 3,440 107 1,851
Trinidad and Tobago 3,434+ 60+ 1,469+
Guadeloupe 3,426 26 837
Somalia 3,390 98 2,812
Mayotte 3,374 40 2,964
Aruba 3,328 22 1,676
Sri Lanka 3,274+ 13 3,043+
Réunion 3,099+ 15 1,794+
Bahamas 3,087+ 69 1,533+
Mali 2,966 128 2,311
Georgia 2,937+ 19 1,422+
Estonia 2,778+ 64 2,337+
Malta 2,595+ 16 1,978+
South Sudan 2,594 49 1,290
Botswana 2,567+ 13+ 624+
Benin 2,280+ 40 1,942
Guinea-Bissau 2,275 39 1,127
Iceland 2,189 10 2,104
Sierra Leone 2,133 72 1,646
Yemen 2,022+ 585+ 1,221
Guyana 1,958 58 1,302
Uruguay 1,856 45 1,559
New Zealand 1,809+ 25 1,707+
Burkina Faso 1,767+ 56 1,166+
Togo 1,618+ 41+ 1,243+
Cyprus 1,558+ 22 1,282
Belize 1,536+ 19 696+
Latvia 1,494+ 36+ 1,248
Andorra 1,483 53 1,054
Liberia 1,333+ 82 1,214
Lesotho 1,327 33 687
Niger 1,182 69 1,104
Martinique 1,122 18 98
Chad 1,115+ 81 962+
French Polynesia 1,099 2 672
Vietnam 1,066+ 35 940+
Sao Tome and Principe 907 15 871
San Marino 723 42 663
Turks and Caicos 659+ 5 561+
Channel Islands 639 48 575
Sint Maarten 557+ 19 477+
Papua New Guinea 516 6 232
Tanzania 509 21 183
Taiwan 503+ 7 478+
Burundi 472 1 374
Comoros 467 7 446
Faeroe Islands 429+ 0 412
Mauritius 366+ 10 338
Eritrea 364 0 305
Gibraltar 343+ 0 313+
Isle of Man 339 24 312
Saint Martin 330 6 206
Mongolia 311 0 301
Cambodia 275 0 274
Bhutan 246 0 175
Curaçao 210+ 1 74+
Cayman Islands 208 1 204
Monaco 186+ 1 147+
Barbados 185 7 171
Bermuda 178 9 164
Brunei 145 3 141+
Seychelles 141+ 0 136
Liechtenstein 112+ 1 108+
Antigua and Barbuda 95 3 91
British Virgin Islands 66 1 37
Caribbean Netherlands 32+ 1 17
Fiji 32 2 24
Saint Lucia 27 0 26
Timor-Leste 27 0 26
Dominica 24 0 18
Laos 23 0 22
St. Barth 23 0 16
Saint Pierre Miquelon 11 0 5
Western Sahara 10 1 8
Total: 30,310,226 949,709 22,009,722

Countries with No Active Cases

Country Cases Deaths Rcvrd
Anguilla 3 0 3
Falkland Islands 13 0 13
Greenland 14 0 14
Grenada 24 0 24
Macao 46 0 46
New Caledonia 26 0 26
Saint Kitts and Nevis 17 0 17
Total: 219 0 219

Countries with All Cases Resolved

Country Cases Deaths Rcvrd
Montserrat 13 1 12
Total: 13 1 12

International Conveyances

Intl Cnvy Cases Deaths Rcvrd
Diamond Princess 712 13 651
MS Zaandam 9 2 0
Total: 721 15 651
Source Notations Full Version
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2020.09.17 13:02 closeprotections Close Protection London Close Protection Services London

Close protection – is a concept that has been known for ages – it has been with us since early days of humankind and now its condition is more than satisfactory. Since time immemorial, people have tried to protect their wealth, assets, as well as their own health, life, and welfare. By means of the transfer of gathered goods, wealthy individuals have been paying other parties to protect them, their families, and possessions from others. As a general rule, young, notably strong, and grim-looking individuals have been considered perfectly suitable for such a job. The idea behind such a choice has been to scare away a potential adversary by taking advantage of the very looks of the guard. The aforementioned state of affairs has been observed for the consecutive ages. Wealthy landowners and kings created their own trusted guards (in ancient times and during the medieval age, those were troops designated to protect the authorities; later on, they were transformed into elite soldiers). Aside from serving representative and managerial purposes, such individuals were required to take care of their master and his beloved ones. In the 11th century England, during the Battle of Hastings, King Harold assembled a group of troops to protect his life and widely understood health condition. One may consider them to be the ancestors of modern bodyguards. As both civilization and society progressed, there were an increasing number of various organizations and people. Therefore, the risk of attack was significantly higher. Numerous authorities attempted to discourage potential aggressors from committing a crime by introducing severe forms of punishment. It must be noted, however, that there was still the question if it was enough to protect high authorities and the wealthy from the effects of outside attacks. The protection-oriented market has been developing to be – at some point – dominated by professional soldiers. The said progression has made it possible for police officers to investigate and deal with common, less dangerous crimes only. Together with technical revolution and the increasing social awareness, the number of citizens not satisfied with the current order skyrockets. It is likely to cause radical groups aiming at the change of the existing ruling paradigm to occur. This in turn may lead to anarchy and the increase in people willing to put their antisocial theories and plans into effect. The latter may start from sabotaging the work of others and demolishing valuable devices, but it may also end up in killings. If such a thing happens, one may openly talk about terrorism. The unusual social situation boosts the demand for personal protection. Both the army and police focus on securing the wellbeing of those of high position in the country. The rest of the threatened society must protect itself. The demand identified above has given rise to a new profession – a security guard. In the past, it was performed in a more or less organized fashion and that is why the effectiveness of arising task achievement varied. The attempt on Tsar’s Alexander the Second life on 1st March 1881 is a perfect exemplification of the formulated thesis. The ruler in question was attacked by the members of Narodnaya Volya at 2:15 P.M. A bomb was thrown under the carriage, but its explosion did not harm either the tsar or the horses. Alexander the Second, together with his companion including secret police representatives, started to assess damages. It was a mistake. At 2:20 P.M, yet another bomb was detonated. Its accuracy was notably higher as it managed to severely injure the tsar. He died relatively quickly, even with professional care he was under. At this point, it must be indicated that the demand for close protection increases. However, the perception of it is in a significant number of cases rather faulty, leading to pitiful outcomes. As it was hundreds of years earlier, modern people tend to hire grim musclemen to protect them, disregarding the fact that their intellectual level and possessed knowledge are negligible. Formerly, a test had to be passed in order for a person to be considered a bodyguard. Unfortunately, it does not hold true anymore. On numerous occasions, we can observe security guards stylized to look like stats of action movies, with the lack of intelligence written all over their faces. To give them justice, such people may also perform exceptionally well – up to the time they encounter a real attack. Unprofessional guards may be employed to protect rock stars or boxers. Real bodyguards of today are, however, highly skilled and motivated. They are trained to prevent rather than to counteract, as it may be too late in the latter case. Such people are capable of estimating potential risk and juxtaposing it with the resources at their disposal that may minimize it. Modern security guards are physically active, as well as skilled in giving first aid and driving a car defensively. They can fight without using any weapon – especially by taking advantage of psychology and persuasion. Such people are proficient in at least two languages and are characterized by an above-average intelligence level. The described model of a security guard is perfectly suited to current conditions and the needs of individuals hiring them.

VIP close protection over the world – organizations specializing in personal protection. One of the most famous and at the same time – the oldest organized bodies dealing with close protection was created in the 19th century. It was the American United States Secret Service. The USSS was created in 1865 as the US Treasury Law Enforcement Agency. Secret Service is the oldest national agency focusing entirely on investigations. Initially, their only task was to protect the economic structure of the country by means of preventing governmental cheques and bonds from being counterfeited. The mission was followed up to 1901, when president William McKinley was attacked in Buffalo (NY state). The assault resulted in appointing the Secret Service by the US Congress to protect the newly elected president, Theodore Roosevelt. In 1906, the Congress finally adopted the act on the responsibility of the Secret Service for the safety of the White House. Since 1950, the protection has been extended from presidents and first ladies only to vice-presidents as well. Before the murder of John F. Kennedy in 1963 and senator Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, the Secret Service had been a relatively small organization, employing as many as 284 agents. The discussed events translated directly into its rapid development. Currently, it is stated that over 5000 employees work for the Secret Service. Separate branches of the organization are located all over the United States, in Puerto Rico, and in other places all over the world (Paris, Lyon, London, Bonn, Rome, Milano, Hong Kong, Montreal, Lefkosa, Bogota, and Manila). The representatives of the organization are both secret agents (serving protection and investigation-related roles), as well as uniformed units responsible for the safety of the White House and diplomatic outposts. They maintain law and order by means of the network of both foot and motorized patrols, as well as of fixed posts. Such people also support other branches of the Secret Service. A wide scope of professional is also employed therein – those are electronics, engineers, communication experts, protection-related professionals, and IT workers. The Secret Service protects the president with his family, vice-president, elected vice-president, candidates for the said posts (from the 120th day before the elections onwards), former president, his children up to 16, as well as heads of other states staying in the USA in order to realize international missions. The unit of the Secret Service liable for taking care about the safety of the president in the White House fulfills its duties in identical uniforms. Due to the said fact, the Secret Service is sometimes referred to as the Uniformed Division. Its tasks also include the protection of president’s mansions, diplomatic outposts in Washington, and places alike located within the borders of the USA.

Another known formation is the Swiss Guard (Latin: Cohors Helvetica) which was for the very first time gathered on 22nd January 1506 by the then pope – Julius II. Its major aim was to protect the spiritual successor of Saint Peter and his palace. The pope wanted to grant himself protection from the enemies and avoid a political murder. In 1512, the Guard secured Vatican against French soldiers. The Defendants of the Church, as the representatives of the discussed formation were also called, had to face the biggest trail while taking care of pope Clemens VII during the invasion of Roman emperor, Charles V. The boldness, discipline, and resourcefulness of the representatives of the Guard made it possible to save the life of the pope, even though about 600 bold men died in the process. To commemorate the event, a solemn vow of the newly appointed guards takes place every year on 6th May. Each of the Swiss guards-to-be holds a banner in his left hand and raises his right hand with the thumb and two other fingers in an upright position (it is the symbol of the Holy Trinity). Then, the new soldiers promise to protect the pope and – to die in his defense if necessary. The representatives of the Swiss Guard are chosen from men between the age of 19 and 25 living in one of Swiss cantons (basing on contracts with Zurich and Lucerne). Each of them has to be at least 174 cm (5 feet and a half inch) tall and be an unmarried practicing Catholic (according to a special letter issued by the local bishop). Candidates for the service are properly trained, including teaching them how to use firearms, side arms, as well as how to defend themselves and establish proper contacts with other people. One of the items of the list is the proper usage of halberd. Currently, the number of soldiers in the Guard is estimated to circulate around 120, including officers, junior, and senior soldiers. They serve in the formation from two to twenty-five years. It must be also indicated at this point that officers and senior sergeants may be granted by the pope the right to enter into a holy matrimony. Aside from their characteristic outfit, soldiers are additionally equipped with halberds and Renaissance swords – those are the symbols of formation’s tradition. Nowadays, they are also fitted with firearms, tear gas, and excellent communication-oriented devices. With its almost five hundred years of heritage, the Swiss Guard is one of the oldest active defense-oriented groups in the world. One may assume that it will last until Switzerland and the Catholic Church exist.

Yet another example of a close protection-focused formation is the Cedrug Order, the major task of which is to take care about the ruler of Tibet – Dalai Lama. It comprises of national spiritual authorities who organized themselves in a form of an order. Thanks to strict upbringing, their physical strength is much higher than the one of secular officials. Therefore, the former are the most trusted soldiers caring about the safety of the leader of the nation. Cedurg School is located in the left wing of Potala – the palace of Dalai Lama, which is in turn situated in the Holy City of Lhasa (eastern Tibet, Kyitsu river valley). Every Tibet citizen is allowed to enroll to the school, but only chosen ones are granted the privilege to join the Order. For several hundred years, there have been a limited number of monks allowed, namely – 175. Only selected candidates have been worthy enough to defend the powerful Dalai Lama. Those are especially bold, tall, and muscular men. The representatives of the Order earned their name in 1959, when they protected the king of Tibet against Chinese adversaries.

One of the biggest organizations in the world established to consociate and train bodyguards is the International Bodyguard Association (IBA). The IBA was established in 1957 in Paris by major Lucien Victor Ott. Major Ott had been closely connected to the French Foreign Legion in Algeria since his early childhood. He had been born and raised in the said country. In 1947, he joined the French Special Forces and took part in France-Indochina war. Furthermore, he was the participant of the battle of Dien-Bien Phu that ended with the defeat of the French forces. He was being injured and captured by Vietminh. After a bold escape, he decided to join forces with the French Military Intelligence (Deuxieme Bureau). Major Lucien Ott got famous due to, inter alia, perfect securing of president Charles de Gaulle against the OAS terrorist organization. Thanks to him, 30 prepared attacks were foiled, 11 of which were aimed directly at the head of the state. After the death of the creator of a modern bodyguard profile, major Ott, one of his students – James G. Shortt took care of the management of the IBA. As a young man, he had joined a cadet school. Later on, he had become landing operation troops officer and a member of the elite SAS (Special Air Service) unit. Moreover, during his service, he also taught soldiers in Afghanistan the art of Mujahedeen war. Currently, he teaches security guards, police officers, and soldiers all over the world in the IBA branches. The main aim of the organization is to properly prepare bodyguards-to-be to properly perform their duties. It is not an entity employing such individuals, but those who have presented exceptional skills may become members of royal, diplomatic, or personal guards recommended by the IBA. Coaches being the representatives of the organization trained bodyguards in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, as well as helped during the Baltic Crisis between 1989 and 1991. The qualifications of the International Bodyguard Association are exceptional, international, and backed by the documentation concerning the organization of training sessions for the military, governmental authorities, police, and private bodyguards all over the world. Such undertakings have been continuously performed since 1957. The IBA also operates and trains willing individuals in Poland. Its branch was established in the said country in 1992. The basic training offered to candidates includes 60 hours of comprehensive preparation divided into six consecutive days. After its completion, the candidates are required to undergo the so-called refresher once a year. It is one of the conditions of the membership in the IBA.

Another training organization worth mentioning is the ESI - Executive Security International. It must be highlighted that it is one of the biggest and most appreciated American companies oriented towards training personal protection guards. Its second name is as follows: Bodyguard Training Academy for Executive, Dignitary and Celebrity Protection. The ESI was formed at the beginning of the 80s by Bob Duggan – martial arts expert and master in Hwarang Do. Its creation had been preceded by the establishment of the very first bodyguard training program by the Martial Arts Academy in Aspen, Colorado. The ESI, being one of the USA’s private schools, offers its students over 2000 hours of education with regard to protection, investigation, data gathering, company and individual security, etc. The training unit of the organization is situated high up in the mountains and is run by skilled professionals. Fun fact – film writer, Tracy Keenan Wynn, cooperates with the ESI. His preeminent task has been to create scenarios of situational exercises. While writing them, the said individual takes advantage of real life situations and attacks, such as assaults on Aldo Moro, John Paul the Second, kidnapping of Hans Martin Schleyer by the RAF (Red Army Faction), and scenarios alike. The ESI collaborates with corporations operating in the close protection branch of industry, as well as with the police and military. The organized training sessions are top secret. No journalists are allowed to enter the Aspen unit. Due to the fact that the ESI is a private school, it may provide professional training to civil, police-related, and military institutions all over the world.

The citizens of Israel have never had the chance to feel safe in their country. The issue of safety has been always treated seriously there. Aside from a constant Israel-Arab world conflict threat, the Israelis have been the subjects of terrorist attracts, both within the borders of their country and outside it. Jews and Americans are most frequent victims of operations organized by highly skilled terrorist groups. Taking into account the impact the Russian mafia has on Israel, the amount of care put on widely understood safety is fully justified. The Israeli Special Forces protect their citizens by means of intelligence and security-oriented undertakings. They host training sessions in various organizations preparing bodyguards, providing the adepts with the experience gained during the service. Most famous units of the said kind in Israel are undoubtedly the ISA - International Security Academy and the ISS - International Security School.

ISA is an international organization established and managed by former leaders, police instructors, and special service members. The very first unit of the ISA was formed in Latvia as a training and advising agency for both governmental and private security guards belonging to the Baltic States and the countries of the former USSR. The fact that the ISA is not exclusively Israeli in character is proved by the figure of the organization chairman, major Urlich Wegener – the creator and very first leader of German Border Control Service called GSG 9. The team of instructors and coaches also has international roots. The credo of the organization is that the preparation of the individuals for the proper protection of others is the key. Such people have to be offered highest quality training, extensive knowledge, and practical background. The ISS training programs are based predominantly on the experiences gained in Israel and in other countries, as well as while training people for the purpose of protecting VIPs over the world. Individuals, governmental authorities, and large-size corporations have been taking advantage of the services provided by the ISA/ISS.

At the moment, civil bodyguards are also involved in close protection. The safety of the individuals hiring them, as well as their possessions depends highly on the qualifications of the former. Quite frequently, those are former policemen, soldiers, or special force members. However, a number of inexperienced adepts would like to start their adventure with personal protection as well. Are they bound to fail in their attempts? It is not always so. The most crucial component affecting the effectiveness of the training is one’s psychological preparation. It is a commonly known fact that it is exceptional in former police officers and troops. However, it is a common belief that one can be trained how to perform the job of a bodyguard, just as it is possible to teach a person how to shoot or be properly engaged in melee combat. It all depends on one’s motivation and willingness to achieve success in the industry. Regulations to date limit the training process of a security guard to the moment of being awarded with a license. In order to perform his tasks properly, such a person has to constantly improve his skills and qualifications.

Phenomena connected with the need of utilization of close protection techniques – Terrorism/Terrorist. It goes without saying that terrorism is one of the biggest threats of today’s world. While analyzing the severity of attacks and their scale, one should not doubt that VIPs should be at all possible occasions protected against the aforementioned forms of assault. In order to assess the threat a given problem pose, its specificity must be identified at first. The notion of „terrorism” was for the first time in history used during the Conference of the International Criminal Law Association in Brussels, in 1930. To date, there have been approximately 200 various definitions of the phenomenon in question. While trying to grasp its characteristic features, one will face a number of limitations and difficulties. One of statements of historian Walter Laqueur has to be touched upon here. While asked why he has been avoiding formulating an unequivocal definition of terrorism, he replied: „For 50 or so years, people are constantly trying to understand the idea behind terrorism. It is a phenomenon having different forms, depending on its place of origin and epoch. How can one find common ground between Russian revolutionists from the end of the 19th century and Al-Qaida anarchists?

Terrorism is mainly based on the utilization of force or threat in order to achieve political or ideological goals. It is hard to say something beyond that. Terrorism is like pornography – it escapes logical classification, but if one sees it – then it becomes apparent.” It is hard to argue with the statement, as it perfectly shows the complexity of the phenomenon in question. For the purpose of this publication, a strict definition of terrorism is not needed. All that is required is the utterance formulated by Walter Laqueur stating that terrorism can be most fully perceived through its manifestations. Terrorist acts are undoubtedly illegal, as they are based on kidnapping people and forcedly taking control over means of communication, economic sabotage, attacks, robberies, demanding ransom to finance organization’s own activity, posing threat to life, health, and freedom of authorities, and kidnapping people from outside the area in order to gain publicity (especially journalists, priests, voluntary workers). One may also indicate the usage of explosives and firearms in public areas and poisoning certain spots by means of radioactive materials and chemicals. Longin Tadeusz Szmidt additionally pointed out that terrorism has always been strictly connected with crafty and hard to identify methods of killing the leaders of nations. While describing the phenomenon of terrorism as a threat for the protected person, one should also point out and indicate its sources. The following are enumerated: - social and economic sources that are directly connected to economic crises, social tensions, social and national discrimination, as well as with the perception of dissonance between the factual reality and the one presented by the media; - historical and political sources. They have their beginning in severe social reactions, demanding full democratization and respecting human rights; - sociological sources that may be related to the atmosphere typical for a given country or the so-called spirit of violence; - psychological sources stating that a significant part of terrorists is highly mentally unstable which is additionally combined with the overly high self-esteem. When it comes to the area of attack, the following are proposed by the experts: - land terrorism (the major threat area for VIPs and the key one for security guards), - air terrorism (personal protection is then entrusted to the authorities managing planes, airports, etc.), and – maritime terrorism (tasks and responsibilities are then similar to air attacks). While taking into account the type of terroristic activities, one may distinguish: bombing-based, nuclear, biological, chemical, technical, cybernetic (attacks on IT networks), and narcotic-oriented (narcotic cartels undertakings) terrorism. The highest threat for VIPs is undoubtedly the first type, namely – bombing-based one. Close protection-oriented undertakings should therefore incorporate the knowledge on paradigms effective during a bomb attack. They will be discussed in further sections of this publication. It is exceptionally difficult to argue with the thesis that we must be protected against terrorism. The same applies to VIPs. The importance of the latter is also worth discussing, as the threat is much higher when a top authority is attacked than when the assault poses threat to a pop star or a wealthy businessman. However, it does not limit the necessity to analyze and counteract terroristic attack threat. It may directly impact the safety of the person a given security guard is responsible for.

Crime is also one of the issues that may endanger protected VIPs. Up to the beginning of the 80s, Poland had been considered to be one of the safest countries in Europe. Law enforcement bodies had been numerous and properly financed there, and crime forecasting, prevention, and penalizing schemes had met all the European standards. However, at the end of the discussed period, the myth of threat-free Poland started to crumble. The effects of crime fighting scene were becoming gradually more negligible. The said state of affairs was predominantly caused by the decreasing trust in law enforcing organizations, as well as by the rapid increase in crimes committed by the citizens. Another important aspect that must be taken into account were economic and political changes taking place in 1989,the liberalization of economic activity, and the emergence of free market. Some individuals possessed unimaginable riches, whereas others were exceptionally poor. In order to survive till the next day, the latter searched for the answer in crimes, leading to the occurrence of the phenomenon commonly known as organized crime. According to official data from 2001, within the borders of Poland, there were over 400 organized crime groups consociating approximately 45 thousand people. They were generating profits by means of goods smuggling, selling stolen cars, producing and marketing narcotics, counterfeiting national currency, commuting bank frauds, selling firearms, and – what is of exceptional importance from the point of view of VIPs – demanding ransom. Criminals induce fear in the society, especially due to using terror and blackmailing. They do not hesitate to kidnap others or kill them. Such individuals resort to brutal treatment, such as beating, torturing, drowning, etc. All those factors combined directly translate into wealthy representatives of the society feeling threatened. What is more, criminals frequently tend to attack the family of a VIP as well, in order to convince him to perform a given action. Therefore, children, wife, and beloved ones of such an individual must be highly protected.

Popularity/Fame –The threat of attack may be in some cases linked to the popularity of a given human being. When a VIP is in isolation, then he may only receive unwanted phone calls or be nagged by photographers. The problem arises when he has to leave his place of permanent residence or workplace, as well as when he is in a publically accessible place. Danger may still be low, but the inquisitiveness of journalist may quickly become overwhelming. Fans or supporters of a given sportsman or artist may cause havoc in order to touch their idol or get hold of any item belonging to him or her. Of course, there is also the risk of serious injuries or even death (let us take John Lennon as an example) – it cannot be neglected. That is why famous and popular individuals should by all means care about their safety. The matter also concerns politicians who are widely recognizable and controversial. In politics, there are no limitations. Opponents may even resort to killing a representative of the other side to impose his or her right on others. Elected politicians tend to have close protection, but care should be additionally exercised to care about those running in elections. Such VIPs may be ridiculed by the crowd or the opposition (by throwing eggs or pouring water over the candidate), leading to the end of their political career. The role of security guards should in the aforementioned cases not be limited to physical protection only. They must also keep information about VIP’s family, realized projects, and operation profile confidential. The image of a famous person highly depends on the bodyguards being in his immediate surroundings. The manner of their operation, professionalism, and knowledge are top priorities there.

Attack on person – By definition, attack on person is the attempt to kill someone, steal his or her possessions, as well as to kidnap him or her. The criminal action in question has a long history, as assaults have been made throughout the consecutive ages. Their goal has been to achieve a political, economic, or cultural aim. Attacks on person may lead to tremendous changes in the society, which is perfectly depicted by the killing of John Kennedy and Icchak Rabin. In the majority of cases, however, such an attack does not have significantly far-reaching consequences. In order to be effective, bodyguards must answer themselves the following questions – why do criminals attack? How do they attack? How may the assault look like? Therefore, it is highly advised to specify the motif, methods utilized, and consecutive stages of one and every attack on person. Taking into account motifs, one must bear in mind that all the assaults have their agenda. No attack is made voluntarily, without forethought. In the following sections, most common causes of the aforementioned activity are going to be enumerated:

Revolutionary or political ones – organized groups (frequently consisting of fanatics) attack others in order to force the society to change the existing system or overthrow the current government (in the attempt to choose a new one). Their victims are often the authorities ruling the country. The attackers, who follow their revolutionary or political agenda, try to win the sympathy of other representatives of the society. Long before the planned attack itself, they distribute leaflets blaming current rulers for the widespread injustice. According to their belief, the elimination of the elites in power would bring positive outcomes for the whole country. Such an action was performed in Armenia in 1999, where members of the government were shot dead during one of their meetings. The terrorists informed that their death would improve the national situation.

Economic – terrorists claim that their potential victim is responsible for the poor economic condition of the country, company, or a group of people. In the majority of cases, economic attacks take place in countries where there are extreme disproportions between the wealthy and the poor. It must be taken into consideration, however that it is not always the case, as the assessment of the attackers tend to be highly subjective. Quite frequently, the cause of the assault is the personal conviction that the unsatisfying economic condition of the terrorist is the result of actions performed by the victim. It pushes the attacker into thinking that killing him would aid the situation.

Personal – In this case, the wrongdoers are motivated to make an attack due to jealousy, vengeance or other personal causes. Those people in many cases have notable personality disorders, manifesting themselves especially in the inability to control their behavior. The aforementioned state also leads to the failure to distinguish reality from fiction. A perfect exemplification of the motif in question is shooting Zuzanna Leśniak and an artist – Andrzej Zaucha by Yves Goulais in 1991. The trigger there was jealousy.

Ideological – The terrorist is convinced that the victim chosen by him has been threatening the values and principles followed by the attacker. The said rules are often of significant importance for both the group he belongs to and for himself personally. Ideological attacks on a person may be religious or social in character. The first case is oriented towards killing a religious person in the attempt to make it impossible for him to achieve his goals. The second scenario relates to the willingness to eliminate the leader of a given social group. Quite frequently, the additional agenda is to make the organization the terrorist is a part of more memorable and popular in the media. Free publicity is an additional benefit then.

Psychological – The most commonplace group of attacks. Modern psychology claims that every person using firearms, stabbing others with a knife, or taking advantage of explosives has been struggling with mental problems. The motif is of negligible importance, as the attacker may justify his actions with revolutionary, economic, or personal goals, but the fact is that the driving force is the inability to perceive the world correctly. The assassination of Bill Clinton in 1994 illustrates the above bluntly. Francisco Martin Duran stated that he had attacked Clinton to destroy the mist connecting him to an alien entity. Apparently, Duran wanted to eliminate the mist in order to save the world. Attacks considered as crimes may be triggered by a myriad of factors. Among them,there are: - clashes between the representatives of a crime organization, willingness to demonstrate one’s power or threat the victim (attempt to force the latter to pay ransom or forget about debts), - desire to kill suspects that may endanger one’s business, - attempt to exert pressure on certain individuals or to threaten them for their professional achievements (relates to, inter alia, attorneys and tax collectors).

Attack methods to be considered by security guards. Close range attack. It may be performed by means of utilization of: - firearms, - melee weapon (knife, bayonet, dagger), - chemical substance (for example: toxic substance, such as hydrochloric acid). There are no exceptional skills needed to successfully attack a person, as almost everybody can use a knife or a dagger to a satisfactory extent. The same goes with firearms, the utilization of which is as difficult as driving a car. The aforementioned types of weapons can be transported to the place of the assault with ease. The characteristic feature of this attack type is the fact that the wrongdoer is situated maximally several centimeters away from the victim. The difficulty here is directly connected with the inability to improvise the act. It must be preceded by a prolonged observation of the subject, learning his or her customs, daily routine, places he or she visits, and the protection type he or she uses. Only after drawing proper conclusions from the examination, can the terrorist attack the victim. Marek Papała, a police commissioner, was killed due to a close range attack in 1998, Warsaw.

Long-range attack – in this case firearms are often used, especially rifles and carbines. It is not an uncommon situation to learn about an attacker who has used a sniper rifle fitted with professional laser and optical aiming devices. The distance between the wrongdoer and the subject of the attack is commonly higher than 5 meters. The former must also be much more skilled than a close range attacker, as he has to be capable of utilizing a professional gun in an effective manner. The death of John Kennedy in Dallas on 22nd November 1963 was the result of the attack form in question. Lee Harvey Oswald, who was a former marine soldier, shot his subject from a storage located several meters away from president’s cavalcade. To perform the act, he used Mannlicher-Carcano, cal. 6.5 mm rifle. The proficiency of the attacker was proven by the fact that he fired three shots and only one of them missed the target.

Attack with explosives – it requires notable skills, for the wrongdoers has to build a bomb before performing the attack. He must also know how and where to plant the explosive, how to situate the fuse inside and where to detonate it. Such a person also has to be familiar with the effects of explosion. Assault on Margaret Thatcher on 12th October 1984 showed how patient and clever can an attacker taking advantage of explosives be. Patrick Magee, a member of Irish Republican Army, moved into the hotel where the British prime minister was expected to stay 24 days before the said fact. Every single day, he worked meticulously destroying the wall and placing a 50-kilogram explosive inside the hole. The bomb was then fitted with a timer. It exploded when Miss Thatcher was considered to wash herself in the bathroom – the attacker was perfectly acquainted with her customs. She would have died if she had not received a document to be read. The explosive was detonated five floors above the bathroom located in the apartment of the „Iron Lady”. Six other people died as a result, but the suspect managed to avoid the clever assassination.

If you are looking to hire close protection in London do not wait and contact us immiedletly for professional bodyguard services in London.
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2020.09.17 11:06 Durian_Prudent Reached my breaking point

I’m a female in my late 20s, and although I’m originally from the USA, I’ve been living and working in Hong Kong for past 5 years. The last year brought on some pretty bad luck (end of a serious relationship which resulted in canceling a move to the UK, health issues/hospital stays, and the infamous anti-government protests that wreaked havoc here in HK), and this year is no different. I feel like I am supposed to be making major moves in my life. I’m a teacher now, and am a little less than halfway done with a course to get fully certified and get better teaching gigs. The program I’m doing is online, but through the US. Upon completion, I need to return to the USA to take exams before I can get the certification. I was hoping to return in February to take these exams, but it’s not looking like HK will ease its restrictions on travelers from the US anytime soon. If you come from the US, not only are you held in the airport to await the results of a covid test, but you are also forced to quarantine in a government facility, of which I hear are in less than stellar condition. I really want to finish the exams so I can apply for better jobs for the 2021/22 school year. On top of that, I feel an enormous amount of guilt for not having traveled back to the US. I tried to go back in March, but my flight was ultimately canceled. My dad got married in August, and I kept getting the “well why don’t you just come home and suck it up and quarantine when you get back?” shit. I only had two weeks off for summer…quarantine is a mandatory 14 days. Unpaid. Can’t afford that as a single lady in a big city. It’s been over a year since I’ve been home, and with as violently serious as HK is taking this virus, I honestly don’t think they will let us travel anywhere without quarantining anytime soon. I feel like my family has given up on me because I refuse to give up on my life in HK to go home and follow their ways.
Not to mention the toll this has taken on my dating life. I’m trying so hard to have my shit together before I’m 30 (respectable job with a good salary, settle down, have kids before I get too old etc) but it’s like the universe just won’t let me. I’ll probably have turned 30 before this is all over and I won’t have anything to show for the last couple years of my 20s because I was stuck here where no one has been allowed in or out. I’m terrified of being stuck in the same old mediocre job past 30 and that if I can even date properly again, I won’t get any dates because of the dreaded 3-0. The virus has been affecting us since January. I’ve tried to remain positive this whole time but have reached my breaking point. Every headline is “vaccine will be useless” and “social distancing and masks until 2022". Yet somehow...people are still having all these amazing things happen. Many friends have gotten engaged/married, having babies, etc. What did I do to piss the universe off so much?! I don’t know what to do with myself anymore. I guess just some like...reassurance? Advice? Ugh!
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2020.09.17 06:06 thetorontobot Toronto Daily - Sep 17th 2020

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Poor over-the-air reception of CFTO/CTV Toronto? megastorm88 2
Where to find good cbd oil? Without being too harsh on my pocket putelocker 2
High end mooncakes finnky 1
Someone's taking pictures of the inside of neghbours house. Can I call the cops? happyprimeday 5
Easy to learn winter hobbies? XanderDay 7
How to find, compare, and decide on a realtor ? XanderDay 3
Why doesn't Toronto have a universal interconnected bicycle trail network? Substantial_Fudge127 6
Has anyone purchased a condo as a rental property in Toronto? If so, pros, cons? HST Rebate? Sufficient-Escape-97 2
Anyone know where I can find this? vNila 7
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What's your Covid-19 testing result turn-around time? thanks for sharing in advance! calmbaochicken 14
Best place to meet for carpool pickup? anono87 9


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Sept 23 - Meal and March for Housing sprungy 0
4 Free Tix to the Backyard Comedy Show #12 this FRI(Sep 18) and SAT(Sep19) feat. comedians from: Just for Laughs, Comedy Central UK, Kevin Hart's LOL, CBC, Sirius XM and more! woodcomedy 1
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Japan manhole cork coaster set. Includes Osaka (pictured) Tokyo, Kyoto & Nagoya. Sustainably made in the USA. Functional art for your table or desk. See all of the designs at RethinkTANKdesign 0


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Found Bike Covidsucks2021 1
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2020.09.16 20:51 jeremy1338 Match Thread: Everton v Salford City

Everton v Salford City

Carabao Cup Round 2
Date: Wednesday 16 September 2020
Kick Off: 20:15 BST
Venue: Goodison Park

How to watch:

UK: Sky Sports
View all regions
Listen Live


Everton: Virginia, Kenny, Keane, Branthwaite (Digne), Nkounkou, Davies, Sigurdsson, Walcott, Gordon, Bernard, Kean
Subs: Pickford, Allan, Richarlison, Calvert-Lewin, Doucoure, Coleman, Digne
Salford City: Hladkey, Touray, Lowe, Eastham, Hunter, Turnbull, Towell, Threlkeld, Wilson, Thomas-Asante, Henderson
Subs: Evans, Armstrong, Gibson, Elliot, Andrade, Denny, Golden
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2020.09.16 19:00 Minniladderboi The Sub-Species Of Sirenheads

The Sub-Species Of Sirenheads
I Made Some Ideas For Various Species Of The Sirenhead. I Just Want To Hear What You Guys Think Of Them.

The Illinionan Sirenhead:
The Illinionan Sirenhead is the species of Sirenhead we all know of. The Typical Two-Headed 40FT monster that would stop for no-one. Most of the facts I would say here you know of such as its ability to blend in with forests with ease and its crawling sprint featured in a Sirenhead Game.
The Illinionan Sirenhead Is Native To The Central And North Eastern Coast Of The USA. (The Red Zone Of The First Image) And Is Mainly In Rural Forest Zones And The Occasional Urban Individual.
One of the facts you may not of knows it they Are Always In A Individual Social Unit. They Sustain This Using A Consistent Radio Signal To Keep This Adhered To And A Sirenhead Will never Meet Another Sirenhead unless it is an inactive dead corpse or if The Sirenhead Is Deformed in the respect of its Radio Transmitter Networks Not Functioning. If This Is The Case, Both Sirenheads Will Battle intensely driving the Survivor of the Battle to the death to a point of what we would consider insanity.

The Indianian Sirenhead
The Indianian Sirenhead is The Sub-Species given to The Evolved Illinionian Sirenheads. As Seen In The Second Picture, These Sirenheads Consist Of Many Smaller Sirens And Have The Capability To Blow Human Heads Of With The Amount Of Pressure The Ear Drums Have To Withstand From This Bass-Boosted Evolution.
It Is More Adapted To Urban Life, Commonly Taking Up The Position of Any Normal Siren Pole. It normally finds a spot In The Early Morning, Remains There For The Day, And Then Waits For A Lone Night-Jogger To Strike And Kill.
This Sub-Species is Believed To Be Highly Intelligent, Quite Possibly Beyond Our Own Knowledge. This Variant Is Shallow Information-Wise Being Only Discovered 2 Years Ago By Trevor Henderson And So Very Little Is Truly Understood.
It Has A Slightly Different Patch in Terms Of Where They Live. As Seen In The Blue Sector, They Are Mainly Central American And Some Parts Of Northern Mexico. They Live In Primarily In Urban Areas With A High Concentration Of The Population Being In Tornado Alley Where Sirens Are More Common. You Do However Get The Odd Sirenhead Who Takes After Their Illinioan Cousin And Are Forest-Based.
A Photo Of This Species Is Being Searched For And May Be Attached To This Post At A Later Date
The Scottish Sirenhead
The Scottish Sirenhead was first Spotted In 1942 In The Scottish Highlands Taking The Form Of A Mutant Version Of The "Carstairs Hospital Sirens". The Few Who Saw Them Were Declared Insane and Then admitted to the Hospital in Carstairs of which the original sirens were to warn of someone escaping from the Hospital. The few who believed the Sightings rumered about this being a "Nazi-Weapon" or "The German Doomsday Machine"
Whether this is a Nazi Weapon or not is unknown but it is known that the Sirenhead isn't like the previous two. It Has An Actual Siren on its head, only able to play various tones of the one sound. It Is Believed That Siren G Of The Carstairs Siren Network Went Missing In 12 April 1942 And Then A Report Of A Creature With A Siren Identical To The Missing Siren On Its Head 8 Days Later.
The Most Recent Sighting Was 12 August 2020 At Woodlands Family Theme Park In Devon, UK. No one Was Injured But A lot Of People Reported Severe Headaches
No Photos Have Been Found Of This Type Yet, If You Want To Photoshop It Send It To Me On Discord (Ketchiken #1822) Or Ping Me On Reddit.


The Two Most Common Zones For The Indianian And The Illinion Sirenheads To Roam.
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2020.09.16 16:00 amnonymous [Main] BNIB Montblanc Heritage Monopusher Chronograph Salmon Dial - 100 spots at $45/ea with X spot limit.

Item Name: BNIB Montblanc Heritage Monopusher Salmon Dial
Price: $4500
# of Spots: 100
Price Justification: None on eBay available or sold worldwide
Price Justification: None on watchrecon available or sold
Price Justification: Four in stock worldwide on C24. None in USA. Cheapest is $4025 in HK. They don't even have a picture yet. Others are $4436 in Australia, $4605 in UK, $5439 in IT]($172&sortorder=0)
Call spots? Sure!
Spot limit per person? 0
Location/Country: USA
Will ship international? Yep!
Escrow: no
Mod Approval:
Description: Up for raffle is a brand new watch that is finally just being released after extensive previews earlier this year. It is the Montblanc Heritage Monopusher Chronograph with a salmon dial. It is hard to imagine that this dial could have been executed any better considering its big registers, blue hands, mix of textures, lack of date window and absolutely awesome color. The case is a nice 42mm which gives plenty of space for that amazing dial. It has a matte grey alligator strap and deployant clasp. All features are operated through the single pusher. Automatic movement. This is a lovely way to get the salmon chronograph without paying €28,000. Hope you like it. Model 126078. Good luck!!

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2020.09.16 09:16 SarahMathews95 On-Demand Construction – One place for Builders, Suppliers, Contractors and Customers

The concept of on-demand involving delivering and receiving products or services in real-time has revolutionized businesses all over the world and the construction industry is not behind. Construction businesses especially need to keep up with these technological on-demand changes as a lot of investment is at stake. The on-demand construction service apps enable contractors, builders and renovators to manage their operations timely and efficiently.

On-demand construction apps – the perfect solution

The reason why on-demand construction app development is especially a perfect solution for construction management/services is that it can be used to tackle two main problems in the construction industry.
One is the growing cost which has become a major cause of concern. The only way to reduce costs is to outsource as many services as possible. Moreover, construction companies are frequently searching for reliable sources from where they can hire equipment to prevent maintenance and other issues. However, even if construction companies figure out that hiring and outsourcing is an effective solution to reduce cost but then how can they find the right person or material at the right time for work? The on-demand solution can tackle this problem and we will show you exactly how. (So, keep scrolling).
The second major concern is completing the project on time and for this, it is necessary to stay connected to all the parties involved. The on-demand solution allows everyone to be connected on one platform so that changes and updates in schedule and creation of change orders can be shared in real-time.
Moreover, since everything is in one place, a construction manager can easily analyse how one decision will impact the cost, quality, safety scope and function of the project. Through Construction management apps, Business owners can maximize their team’s time and resources that can eliminate productivity loss.

Construction Industry is set to reach new future milestones

On-Demand Construction App Development

There are multiple types of apps for construction bidding and management.
1. On-Demand Construction Management App
A Construction project has a lot of money/investment stake and there are many things that could go wrong. Construction management apps allow the contractors to manage the plans, blueprints, budgets, workers, subcontractor scheduling; thus, running all the activities smoothly. They can also track progress, generate reports and estimate the costs. BuilderTrend is such an app that brings the whole building world together in one application.
2. On-demand Construction Material Delivery app
This app solves the problem of last-mile delivery issues and material shortages with the press of a button. Instead of a trip to suppliers which costs time, money and productivity, fast easy and affordable delivery of construction material can be provided on demand. TOOLBX is such an app that allows the contractor to browse through thousands of products from hundreds of suppliers and source all the materials in one place.
3. Apps for Construction Bidding
These apps assist customers particularly in finding the appropriate bid for the construction projects such as a repair and remodel in the residential, commercial and corporate domains. Normally the first thing would be searching for a contractor and sorting through multiple options with each contractor claiming to provide the best service. The on-demand platform provides a solution that saves the hassle of searching for contractors and hiring one that leaves unfinished or low-quality work. BidSquad is the best example of such a construction service app.
BidSquad is one of our success stories and is an on-demand construction/renovation service platform with intelligent bid filtering software. Whenever a customer has a project, BidSquad sends trained technicians to the location to perform a detailed scope of work. Through BidSquad the technician will reach out to a network of high rated contractors who will bid for the project. The customer can choose the bid according to their desired price.

On-Demand Platform for Builders, Contractors and Renovators:

ODTap offers the best modules and features ensuring the rapid growth of your business in the construction industry through on demand Construction app development. Here are a few of the core features that are provided to the customers and the contractors.

Next Step

Now that you are aware of the Construction industry statistics and all kinds of On-Demand Construction the next step is to make your mark in the construction industry. The success of your business depends upon the quality, efficiency and interface of your application.
Today where On-demand has taken over the businesses, many start-ups suffer from a lack of product innovation and originality. It is not the case with ODTap. We are constantly searching for new ways to realize your idea into a brilliant and successful business. Contact us so we can start working on your construction app today.
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2020.09.16 06:34 IIWIIM8 Global COVID Cases For 16SEP20

Summary As Of: 16SEP20 @ 23:42 GMT
Countries 213 + 2
Cases 30,014,979
Deaths 944,484
Recovered 21,768,798
Active Cases 7,301,697
Cntry's w/Active cases w/No Active cases w/All cases rcvrd
Cntry's 204 1 8
Cases 29,713,869 13 155
Deaths 938,362 1 0
Rcvrd 21,521,878 12 155

Daily totals of new: cases, deaths & recoveries

Date Cases Deaths Recoveries
14SEP 242,897 4,380 248,690
15SEP 279,019 6,001 261,747
Current 296,840 5,997 237,613

Cases, Deaths, Active by continent

Continent Cases Deaths Active
Africa 1,380,088 33,305 1,131,008
Asia 8,971,009 169,887 7,275,611
Europe 4,218,622 214,232 2,281,927
N America 8,130,092 293,673 5,016,958
Oceania 30,254 859 26,378
S America 7,284,193 232,513 6,036,265
Complete chart in Full Version

Countries with Active Cases

Country Cases Deaths Recoveries
USA 6,825,764+ 201,266+ 4,103,048+
India 5,115,893+ 83,230+ 4,022,049+
Brazil 4,421,686+ 134,174+ 3,720,312+
Russia 1,079,519+ 18,917+ 890,114+
Peru 738,020 30,927 580,753
Colombia 736,377+ 23,478+ 610,078+
Mexico 676,487+ 71,678+ 481,068+
South Africa 653,444+ 15,705+ 584,195+
Spain 614,360+ 30,243+ N/A
Argentina 589,012+ 12,116+ 448,263+
Chile 439,287+ 12,058+ 411,853+
Iran 410,334+ 23,632+ 352,019+
France 404,888+ 31,045+ 90,335+
UK 378,219+ 41,684+ N/A
Bangladesh 342,671+ 4,823+ 247,969+
Saudi Arabia 327,551+ 4,369+ 306,004+
Pakistan 303,089+ 6,393+ 290,760+
Iraq 303,059+ 8,248+ 237,241+
Turkey 296,391+ 7,249+ 262,602+
Italy 291,442+ 35,645+ 215,265+
Philippines 272,934+ 4,732+ 207,858+
Germany 266,865+ 9,449+ 239,100
Indonesia 228,993+ 9,100+ 164,101+
Israel 170,465+ 1,165+ 123,219+
Ukraine 162,660+ 3,340+ 72,324+
Canada 139,625+ 9,193+ 122,175+
Bolivia 128,286+ 7,447+ 86,216+
Qatar 122,449+ 208 119,400+
Ecuador 121,525+ 10,996+ 97,063
Romania 107,011+ 4,285+ 43,244
Kazakhstan 106,984+ 1,671+ 101,267+
Dominican Republic 105,521+ 2,009+ 78,891+
Panama 103,466+ 2,198+ 76,787+
Egypt 101,500+ 5,696+ 86,549+
Kuwait 96,999+ 571+ 87,187+
Belgium 94,795+ 9,930+ 18,789+
Morocco 92,016+ 1,686+ 72,968+
Oman 91,196+ 805+ 84,363+
Sweden 87,575+ 5,860+ N/A
Netherlands 86,320+ 6,260+ N/A
China 85,214+ 4,634 80,437+
Guatemala 82,924+ 3,009+ 72,562+
UAE 81,782+ 402+ 71,456+
Japan 76,448+ 1,461+ 68,532+
Poland 75,734+ 2,237+ 62,110+
Belarus 74,763+ 767+ 72,810+
Honduras 68,620 2,087 18,487
Ethiopia 66,224+ 1,045+ 26,665+
Portugal 65,626+ 1,878+ 44,528+
Venezuela 62,655+ 502+ 50,361+
Bahrain 62,484+ 216+ 55,444+
Costa Rica 59,516+ 649+ 21,752+
Nepal 58,327+ 379+ 41,706+
Singapore 57,514+ 27 56,955+
Nigeria 56,604+ 1,091+ 47,872+
Uzbekistan 49,015+ 407+ 45,422+
Algeria 48,966+ 1,645+ 34,517+
Switzerland 48,265+ 2,039+ 39,900
Armenia 46,376+ 923+ 42,069+
Ghana 45,655 294 44,797
Kyrgyzstan 45,072+ 1,063 41,210+
Moldova 44,361+ 1,159+ 32,732+
Czechia 41,032+ 482+ 22,931+
Afghanistan 38,855+ 1,436+ 32,503+
Azerbaijan 38,658+ 569+ 36,149+
Kenya 36,301+ 634+ 23,364+
Austria 35,073+ 758+ 27,655+
Palestine 33,006+ 243+ 22,209+
Serbia 32,613+ 736+ 31,411+
Ireland 31,799+ 1,788+ 23,364
Paraguay 29,298+ 552+ 15,261+
El Salvador 27,163+ 796+ 19,960+
Australia 26,779+ 824+ 23,726+
Lebanon 26,083+ 259+ 9,634+
Libya 24,936+ 394+ 13,498+
Bosnia and Herzegovina 24,211+ 736+ 16,990+
S. Korea 22,504+ 367 19,310+
Denmark 20,571 633 16,557
Cameroon 20,303+ 415 18,837
Ivory Coast 19,132+ 120 18,289+
Bulgaria 18,390+ 739+ 13,241+
North Macedonia 16,088+ 668+ 13,550+
Madagascar 15,871+ 215+ 14,482+
Senegal 14,568+ 299+ 10,756+
Hungary 14,460+ 654+ 4,153+
Greece 14,041+ 316+ 3,804
Croatia 14,029+ 236+ 11,690+
Zambia 13,887+ 326+ 12,869+
Sudan 13,535 836 6,759
Norway 12,498+ 265 10,371
Albania 11,816+ 343+ 6,733+
DRC 10,414+ 267 9,827+
Guinea 10,154+ 63 9,612+
Malaysia 10,031+ 128 9,235+
Namibia 9,964+ 108+ 7,502+
French Guiana 9,595+ 65+ 9,235+
Maldives 9,427+ 33 7,903+
Tajikistan 9,171+ 73 7,941+
Finland 8,750+ 339 7,700+
Gabon 8,678+ 53 7,827+
Haiti 8,541+ 220 6,258+
Tunisia 8,100+ 129+ 2,309+
Zimbabwe 7,598+ 224 5,823+
Mauritania 7,332+ 161 6,844+
Luxembourg 7,284 124 6,561+
Montenegro 7,061 123 4,692
Mozambique 5,994+ 39+ 3,267+
Slovakia 5,860+ 38 3,220+
Malawi 5,704+ 178 3,764+
Djibouti 5,396 61 5,331
Uganda 5,266+ 60+ 2,404+
Eswatini 5,128 101 4,401
Equatorial Guinea 5,000 83 4,496
Hong Kong 4,985+ 102 4,663+
Cabo Verde 4,978+ 47+ 4,430+
Nicaragua 4,961 147 2,913
Congo 4,934 88 3,887
Cuba 4,876+ 109+ 4,131+
CAR 4,772 62 1,828
Rwanda 4,634+ 22 2,789+
Suriname 4,625+ 95 3,996+
Jamaica 4,164+ 46 1,180+
Slovenia 3,954+ 135 2,844+
Jordan 3,852+ 26 2,349+
Myanmar 3,821+ 40+ 908+
Angola 3,675+ 143+ 1,401+
Syria 3,654+ 163+ 889+
Thailand 3,490+ 58 3,316+
Lithuania 3,442+ 87 2,125+
Gambia 3,440+ 107+ 1,851+
Guadeloupe 3,426+ 26+ 837
Somalia 3,390+ 98 2,812+
Mayotte 3,374 40 2,964
Aruba 3,328+ 22 1,676+
Trinidad and Tobago 3,327+ 58+ 810+
Sri Lanka 3,271 13 3,021+
Bahamas 3,032+ 69+ 1,482+
Réunion 3,002+ 15 1,313
Mali 2,966+ 128 2,311+
Georgia 2,758+ 19 1,412+
Estonia 2,756+ 64 2,318+
South Sudan 2,594+ 49 1,290
Malta 2,560+ 16 1,953+
Botswana 2,463 11 575
Guinea-Bissau 2,275 39 1,127
Benin 2,267 40 1,942
Iceland 2,189+ 10 2,104+
Sierra Leone 2,133+ 72 1,646+
Yemen 2,019+ 583 1,221+
Guyana 1,958 58 1,302
Uruguay 1,856+ 45 1,559+
New Zealand 1,802+ 25+ 1,698+
Burkina Faso 1,748+ 56 1,162+
Togo 1,608+ 40 1,230+
Cyprus 1,548+ 22 1,282
Belize 1,528+ 19 663+
Latvia 1,486+ 35 1,248
Andorra 1,483+ 53 1,054+
Liberia 1,332+ 82 1,214+
Lesotho 1,327+ 33 687+
Niger 1,182+ 69 1,104
Martinique 1,122+ 18 98
French Polynesia 1,099 2 672
Chad 1,090+ 81 960+
Vietnam 1,063 35 936+
Sao Tome and Principe 907+ 15 871+
San Marino 723 42 663
Turks and Caicos 650+ 5 557+
Channel Islands 639 48 575
Sint Maarten 549 19 468+
Papua New Guinea 516+ 6 232
Tanzania 509 21 183
Taiwan 500+ 7 477+
Burundi 472 1 374
Comoros 467+ 7 446+
Faeroe Islands 428 0 412
Mauritius 365+ 10 338+
Eritrea 364 0 305+
Gibraltar 340+ 0 309+
Isle of Man 339 24 312
Saint Martin 330 6 206
Mongolia 311 0 301
Cambodia 275 0 274
Bhutan 246 0 175+
Cayman Islands 208 1 204
Curaçao 192+ 1 68+
Barbados 185+ 7 171+
Monaco 181+ 1 137+
Bermuda 178+ 9 164
Brunei 145 3 139
Seychelles 140 0 136
Liechtenstein 111 1 105
Antigua and Barbuda 95 3 91
British Virgin Islands 66 1 37
St. Vincent Grenadines 64 0 62
Fiji 32 2 24
Caribbean Netherlands 28 1 17
Saint Lucia 27 0 26
Timor-Leste 27 0 26
Dominica 24 0 18
Laos 23 0 22
St. Barth 23 0 16
Saint Pierre Miquelon 11 0 5
Western Sahara 10 1 8
Total: 30,014,979 944,484 21,768,798

Countries with No Active Cases

Country Cases Deaths Rcvrd
Anguilla 3 0 3
Falkland Islands 13 0 13
Greenland 14 0 14
Grenada 24 0 24
Macao 46 0 46
New Caledonia 26 0 26
Saint Kitts and Nevis 17 0 17
Total: 155 0 155

Countries with All Cases Resolved

Country Cases Deaths Rcvrd
Montserrat 13 1 12
Total: 13 1 12

International Conveyances

Intl Cnvy Cases Deaths Rcvrd
Diamond Princess 712 13 651
MS Zaandam 9 2 0
Total: 721 15 651
Source Notations Full Version
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